Friday, January 29, 2016

New Mountain Tattoo for Dad

 I got a new tattoo last night. Its meaning is deeply personal to me but all of my tattoos are personal and I've written about the other ones before so I want to write about this one, too.

I wanted to get a tattoo to honour my dad. Dad loved the mountains. We went to the Rocky Mountains lots when I was a kid, travelling to Banff, Canmore, Radium, and Fairmont. He used to say, "Mountains are good for the soul."

In the hospice where he spent the last days of his life, they had a book called Journey's End by Deborah Sigrist. It was about what to expect when someone you love is dying, what will happen to them physically, mentally, and spiritually. It was very helpful to my family and I. I read it a few times. On the last page of the book was part of a poem by the Persian poet Rumi. The first line was:

Now that you live here in my chest,
Anywhere we sit is a mountaintop. 

To me it means that even though my dad is gone, he lives inside me because I am made of him, and I can try to be like him. And I can carry his memory with me.
One of the many beautiful sympathy cards I received this month says, "Every time you remember his laughter or recall his readiness to help others...Every time you find yourself doing something he taught you or repeating something he used to say...Every time you think of him, you bring your dad closer to your heart."

He lives in my chest now and whenever people ask me about my tattoo or the meaning behind it I'm going to say, "Mountains are good for the soul." 

my left inner bicep

Mt. Rundle in Banff

Love you, Dad.

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