Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Autumn Inside

we made sushi for Stephen's birthday at the beginning of the month

I needed indoor flowers when the season started changing

weekend luxuries: coffee from a real mug and time to write

I put this print in my window at work as a reminder

back to school this month

read and loved this super cute book

celebrated my mother-in-law's 50th last weekend 

my September soundtrack - Beach House and Julia Nunes

currently reading

a typical evening lately consists of tea, chocolate, and Mario Maker
(while under a cozy blanket)

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Autumn Outside

burgundy is my favorite fall color

prairie sunsets

changing colours in the valley

sidewalk daisies in front of our garage

a few late bloomers in the garden this year

our town is so peaceful on autumn evenings

we went for a drive East of town to watch the lunar eclipse the other night.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Movies I Want to See Fall/Winter 2015

The Intern - Sept. 25
Robert De Niro ends up as Anne Hathaway's intern at her company and they become friends. Adam Devine and Andrew Rannells are also in it and it looks funny and cute.

The Martian - Oct. 2
Based on the novel by Andy Weir (which I read this summer). An astronaut gets stranded on Mars after his crew makes an emergency departure and assumes he is dead. He has to survive and try to communicate with Earth. Loved the book, can't wait for the movie.

Steve Jobs - Oct. 9
Michael Fassbender plays Steve Jobs. Screenplay by Aaron Sorkin (The West Wing, The Social Network).

Jem and the Holograms - Oct. 23
Josie and the Pussycats-esque live action adaptation of the old cartoon and comic about the girl band, starring an actress from Nashville. This will be one that I'll watch with my sister or by myself long after it's left theatres. Looks entertaining.

Spectre - Nov. 6
New James Bond!

The Peanuts Movie - Nov. 6
I love the Peanuts. I think this new movie looks really cute and the animation style is really unique.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 - Nov. 20
The final Hunger Games movie!

The Night Before - Nov. 25
a Hangover-esque movie starring Seth Rogen, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Anthony Mackie as three friends celebrating Christmas Eve together. Also stars Jillian Bell from Workaholics who is hilarious. This movie looks really stupid and funny.

The Good Dinosaur - Nov. 25
The new Pixar movie based on the premise that the meteor that supposedly killed off the dinosaurs missed Earth so dinosaurs are the intelligent beings of Earth. Looks like a cute adventure story with a dinosaur and his pet human.

Sisters - Dec. 18
Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are sisters! It's the movie I have dreamed about.Their parents are selling their childhood home and they decide to throw a crazy party to say goodbye to the house.

Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens - Dec. 18

(click the titles to watch trailers.)

What movies do you want to see?

Monday, September 14, 2015

How To Style a Burgundy Hat for Autumn

We watched Agent Carter this summer and I am obsessed. I love her so much. So when we were in a little boutique in Moose Jaw a couple weekends ago and Stephen saw this hat he felt I needed to get it. He convinced me. 

I styled 10 different outfits based on my newest accessory, using clothes and shoes that I already owned. I think all of these outfits are good for this transitional season with all its different forms of weather. Let me know which looks is your favorite.

1. black jeans and tee, burgundy cardigan and flats

2. black dress and tights, grey cardigan, black ankle boots

3. black top and infinity scarf, jeans, black knee-high boots

4. denim romper, black tights and cardigan, brown ankle boots

5. black sweater dress and ankle boots, red tights

6. black dress and knee-high boots, black and white speckled cardigan

7. floral blouse, black capris, burgundy flats

8. black floral dress, leggings and knee-high boots

9. black tank and blazer, skirt, brown flats

10. black floral blouse, jeans, and flats

Which outfit is your favorite? How would you style a burgundy felt hat?

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Autumn Vibes Playlist

I made an autumn playlist. For me autumn is a nostalgic time and also a time of change and new beginnings. I tried to capture that with the playlist. There are some autumn-y songs about the season and nature, and there are also some songs that I associate with autumns from my past or just with the feelings I have around this time of year.

The playlist if 15 songs and about 1 hour of music. Here it is:

1. My Cosmic Autumn Rebellion - The Flaming Lips
2. Harvest Moon - Neil Young
3. Beautiful World - Colin Hay
4. Pink Moon - Nick Drake
5. Orange Sky - Alexi Murdoch
6. Anthems for a Seventeen-Year-Old-Girl - Broken Social Scene
7. Those to Come - The Shins
8. Resurrection Fern - Iron & Wine
9. Lenin - Arcade Fire
10. Helplessness Blues - Fleet Foxes
11. Walk in the Park - Beach House
12. This Year - Meghan Tonjes
13. Balloons - Julia Nunes
14. We're Going To Be Friends - White Stripes
15. Time Is All Around - Regina Spektor


"Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall" - F. Scott Fitzgerald 

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Garden Tour 2015

I moved to this house, to this town in the spring of 2012 and every summer since have enjoyed planting flowers and plants in various beds around our large yard. I love flowers and I love taking pictures, and I especially love taking pictures of flowers. Each summer I have created a blog post of photos of flowers in our yard. And every year, like my garden, the post grows.
This is summer 2015:

See past garden tours: