Thursday, July 23, 2015

NYC Part 6: Brooklyn Bridge, MOMA

On Friday after the Botanic Garden we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge from Brooklyn to Manhattan. 

The bridge is a very iconic looking piece of architecture. During the walk you get views of the Statue of Liberty on the left, lower Manhattan straight ahead, and the Manhattan Bridge and the Empire State building on the right in the distance. It was pretty cool. There is a separate level for pedestrians and cyclists so we saw vehicles down below but where we were it was all people walking or people on citi bikes. 

Spotted this little sticker of a robot in love on the bridge.

The tall building on the far right is the new World Trade Center tower. It is actually further back than all those other buildings so you can see just how gigantic it is. It towers over all the other buildings in the Lower Manhattan skyline.

Saw this cheesy grafitti near some love locks hanging off the bridge. You can see the road where vehicles travel below. A firetruck drove by as I was taking a picture of the locks. 

That night we went back to the MOMA (Museum of Modern Art.) It is free from 4-8 on Fridays and it was packed. The first exhibit we saw was Yoko Ono One Woman Show. It was really interesting.

We saw her experimental videos and photographs of her performance art from the 60s. Her art is all very participatory and interactive, like "A Work To Be Stepped On" above,"Touch Poem" and a new piece made for this exhibit called "To See the Sky" - a spiral staircase up to a skylight in the ceiling that encourages viewers/participants to connect with and experience the sky, which is very important to Ono in her work and life. 

I liked this "War Is Over! If You Want It" print and Stephen really liked the room dedicated to Plastic Ono Band. 

Next we saw all the old, famous paintings. We saw Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh, which was a bit like seeing The Mona Lisa. It was very crowded with lots of people taking photos (including me, obviously.) but I love this painting and it was very cool to see it in person. 

We saw some Klimt, Picasso (above), Matisse, Jackson Pollock (below), and Andy Warhol (which we'd actually seen before when it came to our local art gallery a few years ago.)

The MOMA is organized weird. Everything is in its own little room and some of the rooms dead end and the map isn't that helpful. Also, it's organized by collection (who owns the art) not geographically, thematically, by genre, or chronologically. So not all of the Matisse paintings were even on the same floor. It messes with your head and forces you to switch gears mentally often when considering the art. 

The last exhibit we saw was "Making Music Modern: Design for Ear and Eye." It was cool. There were music players from record players to walkmen to iPods, album covers and band posters from the 1920s to 1990s, and a few instruments and amplifiers. It was a cool idea for an exhibit and I liked the aesthetic. 

That was our second last full day in New York!

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