Wednesday, July 22, 2015

NYC Part 5: Brooklyn Botanic Garden

On our Friday in New York we went to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. The garden was amazing. Even though it wasn't the only thing we did that day I thought it deserved its own post. I really love gardens. I have blogged about my late grandma's garden, and my own garden (a few times), and a beautiful garden in Medicine Hat. I even got married in a garden! So I loved this place and took tons of photos.

A lot of people have asked what my favorite part of the trip was and I can't possibly choose, we did so many cool things and they were all so different. But I think I took the most photos of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden because most of the things we did I couldn't take tons of photos of (shows, concerts, museums, etc.) So here are some of the best:

Even the rocks had descriptions, just like the plants. 

We saw a banana tree.

and we saw this huge tree. (My husband is over 6 feet tall for reference)

There was a whole garden that was just roses. 

Part of the garden was like The Ramble in Central Park, just paths surrounded by trees. Very peaceful.

Near this pond there was a sign saying that clear water is a sign of a healthy ecosystem and if you see lots of dragonflies around that means the water is clean and good. This little guy certainly thought so. 
Stephen really liked this Japanese Wisteria hanging down from a gazebo with bean pods growing.

We saw turtles and koi fish in the beautiful Japanese Garden. 

In the Shakespeare garden, the plaques have Shakespeare quotes that reference the flowers and plants.

The beautiful lily pads were blooming in the ponds.

The conservatory was really cool, with an entire room of just bonzai trees, and some themed rooms.

We saw a warmer climate room with plants from Australia, Asia, and California, then the tropical room (above)

Mangoes were growing in the tropical conservatory.

The desert conservatory was very cool. It was all cacti and succulents. 

We also really enjoyed the fragrance garden which was all very scented plants and flowers. 

It was a beautiful place. 

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