Monday, January 5, 2015

you're not perfect but you're not your mistakes

The title is a lyric from the new Kanye West song "Only One," I like the song alright but I love that line and think everyone should adopt it as their personal motto, especially since it's a NEW YEAR etc.
So far 2015 is feeling pretty good. I know it's all arbitrary and doesn't have to mean anything and I usually don't buy into the whole new years thing but it seems like everyone has a pretty good attitude about this year, and I agree, it's shaping up to be a good one. 

We got a northern lights calendar and it is very pretty. 

Gave up my old black moleskine ways for a while because Stephen got me these beautiful notebooks for Christmas. They are so gorgeous. 

Our poinsettia is still alive so I'm enjoying that, as well as two of our houseplants that have bloomed beautifully!

This is the first time this plant has flowered.

and our Christmas cactus has some beautiful flowers. 

Having plants inside makes me happy and makes the winter feel less harsh.

I don't usually have a new years resolution, and I adopted this one a few weeks early, back in December, but my goal is to do less things that are bad and do more things that are good.
I'm hoping by being conscious of that I will form better habits.
For example: I've been going for a walk every night after supper (on our treadmill because dang it is cold out there) and reading. And I've been trying to eat less cheese (I have issues with dairy and feel better when I don't have it.) So there's one good thing I'm trying to do more of and one bad thing (for me) that I'm trying to do less of.

I hope these first five days of the ~new year~ have been great for you so far. 
Happy New Year!

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