Monday, November 10, 2014

Copying Pinterest Outfits

I love Pinterest for the lesson ideas and recipes I can find on there, but I also really enjoy looking at street style photos and fashion blogger's outfits and using them to inspire my own wardrobe. I try not to spend too much time pinning cute clothes I could never afford or obtain, and instead pin stuff that's similar to things I own, or outfits I could imitate the style of.
I chose six outfits from my Pinterest and copied them using items I already had in my closet. I think these outfits are perfect for fall/winter, a time of year I find myself feeling less creative when it comes to getting dressed.

Look 1:

My copy: 
shirt: Wal Mart
pants: Smart Set
sweater: thrifted
boots: Target

Look 2:

My copy: 
dress: American Eagle
shoes: Zellers
jacket: Stitches
tights: ?
sunglasses: old frames from my grandma, prescription lenses

Look 3:

My copy: 
sweater: thrifted
shirt: ?
skirt: thrifted
tights: ?
boots: Target
necklace: etsy

Look 4:

My copy: 
dress: Urban Planet
scarf: Wal Mart
tights: ?
belt: came with an old skirt
boots: Target

Look 5:

My copy: 
sweater: my mom's from a few decades ago
jeans: Bootlegger
mocassins: Payless Shoes

Look 6:

(couldn't find source)

My copy: 
dress: Forever21
cardigan: thrifted
tights: ?
boots: thrifted
scarf: gift

I hope these outfits inspire you to try copying some outfits you like.
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Thanks to Stephen for taking the photos.

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