Sunday, October 5, 2014

Beach House @ Louis' Pub - Saskatoon

Last Monday (Sept. 29th) we saw Beach House at Louis' Pub in Saskatoon. This was our second time seeing them live. We saw them at Sasquatch in 2011. 

This experience was very different from that one. This time they were headlining their own tour. It was an indoor concert at a small, intimate venue, and it was at night.
Also, when we saw them last Bloom wasn't out yet, so we had never heard any of the songs from that album performed live and both of us love that album a lot so it was very cool to hear some of that music live.

We were able to get spots in the front row of the pit, which was amazing. Being a short girl, I don't always have the greatest visibility at concerts but my view of the band was unobstructed. I didn't take any photos with my Canon because the venue was so intimate and it seemed disruptive but I did get a couple discreet shots with my phone.

Victoria was so beautiful, as always. Her outfit was really cool. She wore black ankle boots with heels, grey tights with bows on the calves, and a black velvet Wednesday Adams dress with white cuffs and collar. She is also so charming and cute, her stage banter was really enjoyable.

They had two openers - Skyler Skjelset (Fleet Foxes) and Stephen Strohmeier. The guys played one set each and later joined Beach House on stage to perform some Beach House songs. There was also a drummer playing along with the band, so some of the songs were fully orchestrated which was cool.

I was so happy and emotional during the concert. The music was so beautiful and it was a very special experience.

They closed the night with "Myth" and I could barely handle it. That song meant so much to me when it first came out, and I still love it. That song wasn't out yet last time we saw them so I was so happy they played it. My other favourite Beach House song is probably "Walk In The Park" from Teen Dream, which they didn't play on Monday, but we heard that one last time we saw them, and honestly I loved the concert so much I didn't even mind not hearing that one.

After "Myth" they left the stage, then came out for an encore. They were so cute and humble and appreciative. They asked what song we wanted to hear. People shouted out requests and it came down to "Used To Be" and "Take Care" and they ended up playing "Take Care."

It was an amazing concert. I felt so lucky to be there with people I loved hearing beautiful music. It was a great night.

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