Monday, September 22, 2014

The Other Dani is Four Years Old!!!!

I started this blog 4 years ago and made my first post on September 22, 2010.
I celebrated my first blogiversary with a photo collage, and belatedly recognized my second blogoversary/200th post with a retrospective look at some of my favourite posts.
It's been a while and I didn't have a better idea to recognize all that this blog has meant to me over the years, so I thought I'd do it again.
My life has changed so much since I started this blog, and since 2012 when I last did a round up of my favourite posts.
Here is the last one I did if you missed it.

Since then I have settled into my new town; built a home and a life here; taught for two years (currently on my third); started a new job; travelled to Europe; had friends move away, move back, grow apart, grow closer to me; read, listened to, and watched many things; and I'm sure a few more things. It doesn't seem like much but I am a different person than I was two years ago.
With that in mind, here are my favourite things I've done on this blog since Autumn 2012.

1. My New Favourite Place
A virtual tour of my home office - the room we call "the library." A year and a bit after S bought this house and a few months after I moved in, we could finally afford to finish the basement by installing carpet and baseboards. After we did that things kind of shifted around in the house. The music studio moved downstairs, the spare bedroom moved to the old music studio and this room became the library. It represented working hard for something, putting down roots, and having a place to call your own. This tour allowed me to show off some things I am proud of: my postcards and my books. While the room has changed a bit (I've added more postcards and more books) it is still a place where I work, relax, get inspired, and feel at home.

2. Book Recommendations 
This was a fun little graphic I made because I missed recommending books to people when I worked at a bookstore in high school. It became insanely popular on Pinterest, leading lots of new people to my blog; and helping them find new, great books to read! I actually snuck in a book my mom wrote (Never Leave Your Wingman), so maybe I introduced a few new readers to her book, too.

3. 13 Utterly Uplifting Facts About Reading
I am proud of this one. I did some research and put a lot of thought into my response to some dumb BuzzFeed article. Reading is my number 1 hobby and I really needed to defend it. I shared this post on my personal Facebook page and got a lot of nice comments from fellow book lovers. Looking back at all the statistics about reading and people loving books still makes me really happy.

4. The Europe Chronicles
Our trip to Europe in the summer of 2013 was the trip of a lifetime for me. I am so happy I kept journals and took all the photos I did because I cherish those memories. The blog posts I made combine the journal entries and photos to help me chronicle our trip, and they also helped me share our experiences with people we know, and strangers searching the internet trying to plan their own trip. I don't want to link to all of them so I just linked to the Packing Tutorial I made, which links to the rest of the posts at the bottom. I am proud of the packing tutorial, too, because I know it has helped other people planning a similar trip, trying to pack light to backpack around the world.

5. a door marked Adult
a bit of an epiphany re:growing up (one of many on this blog). I like going back to this one because I wrote advice to my teenage self and sometimes I can still benefit from reminding myself of those things even now.

6. My Christmas Song
I wrote, recorded, and shared an original song about the Christmas season. Stephen helped, of course. I am proud of the song because I think it's good and I am proud of myself for sharing it because I am not always brave or confident with stuff like that. I also shared this one on my personal Facebook, which meant a lot more people saw it than just my usual blog audience.

7.On Jobs and Identity
major epiphany re:growing up/careers that I posted last June after spending about a month unsure of whether I would be able to continue teaching. I learned a lot about myself during that time and tried to articulate my thoughts in this post. Funny story: a friend of mine who lives far away left a note on my Facebook wall after reading this post, congratulating me on my new job, and unintentionally "let the cat out of the bag" because I had told my family and close friends, but hadn't yet announced it to everyone. My aunt (who also lives in another province) commented "What? New job??????," prompting me to make an official announcement, haha.

8. Feminist Fridays
I really enjoyed the series I did in July, Feminist Fridays, but I am especially proud of this combination album review/person review of everyone's idol, Beyoncé.

9. On the Run Tour Review
And in related news, I am adding to this list my concert review of the On The Run Tour. I have enjoyed writing concert reviews on this blog, and sharing concert photos since the first time we went to Sasquatch, in 2011. This concert was one of the highlights of the summer of 2014, and was an amazing concert, so I wanted to share my thoughts and photos.

That brings us almost up to now. I can't believe I've been doing this for four years.

I may go through phases of not having anything to say, and wanting to spend time off the internet and away from everyone, but when something big happens in my life, or I read a great book, or hear a great album, or take a pretty photo of a flower, it's nice to have somewhere to share it, a little space on the big ol' internet that's just mine.

Thank you to all of you - whether you have been reading this blog since the beginning, stumbled over here from Pinterest or a random google search and stuck around, or however else you landed here. Thank you for supporting me with your comments and page views, and giving me a reason to keep this creative outlet public.

Thanks for reading,


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Author Profile: Rainbow Rowell (4 mini book reviews)

I was introduced to Rainbow Rowell (what an awesome name, right?)'s work when John Green wrote a review of her second novel Eleanor & Park. I am a fan of Green's work and have read and enjoyed other books he's recommended in videos and blog posts, so I thought I'd give this one a try.

this is the edition I have
this is the edition I wish I had... so beautiful!
Eleanor & Park is a love story set in the 1980s between Eleanor, the new girl in school who doesn't fit in because she's overweight, dresses strangely, and is poor; and Park, a shy, quiet, half-Korean, rich boy. It sounds cliché but what makes the book great is that all the elements are familiar and yet the story feels brand new. The characters are so well-developed. I especially loved the character of Eleanor. I have never read a character like her, especially in YA. A lot of contemporary YA and even the books I read when I was young (Meg Cabot, Ann Brashares) have some strong female characters, but none like Eleanor. She is not nerdy, she is not 'awkwardly skinny', she is not a seemingly normal girl who would fit in except that she loves reading too much. I found her character, and this book refreshing. Rowell writes amazingly detailed and realistic characters and she also excels at dialogue. As the relationship between the two characters develops you get totally sucked into the book. It is very emotional as you are rooting for the two young people to be together but life gets in the way.   I absolutely loved it and immediately wanted more. More from the characters, more work from this author..

So I bought Rowell's debut novel from 2011, Attachments. This one is not a young adult novel. It is contemporary fiction set in the early 1990s. It takes place in an office and follows the friendship of two women, Beth and Jennifer, and the IT guy, Lincoln, who reads their e-mails. Lincoln's job is to run the program that monitors employee e-mail and one of Beth and Jennifer's e-mails gets flagged for containing an inappropriate word. The women receive a warning e-mail but assume that a robot sent it, so they don't stop sending personal e-mails at work and Lincoln keeps reading them and begins to fall in love with one of the women. 
It sounds like a creepy premise for a book but you read the e-mails along with Lincoln, and that's how you get to know the characters, so the book makes you fall in love with them through the e-mails as well.
This book reminded me of a book I read when I was a child that I loved but forgot about. I looked it up. It is P.S. Longer Letter Later  by Paula Danziger and Ann M. Martin (of Babysitter's Club fame) This book followed two best friends (each author wrote as one of the girls) who keep in touch through letters after one of them moves away. The book is written entirely in letters and was my first experience with that format as well as my first experience with co-authors. It was lovely to be reminded of this blast from the past.
In Attachments I found again that Rowell's characters were well fleshed out, realistic, and the story was simple but kept you interested.

Landline came out this summer and my parents got it for me for my birthday. (Thanks, Mom and Dad!) I read the second half in one sitting on the deck one afternoon, because I just couldn't put it down. There is something about this author, I just get pulled in.
This novel is another contemporary adult fiction one, but it is actually set in the present! (sort of.)
The main character, Georgie, is a sitcom writer. She gets the chance to write some episodes of the show she's been dreaming about creating for years and in order to pursue this opportunity, decides to stay home while her husband and two young daughters travel to visit family for Christmas.
Over the holidays, Georgie discovers that the landline at her mom's house connects to her husband in 1998, right before they got engaged. In the present, they are having marital problems, so Georgie tries to figure out if she should use the magic phone to try to save her marriage, or to stop it from happening.
The dialogue in this book is so great. Georgie as a character is known for her banter, and there is a part of the book that mentions how talented Georgie is, as a TV writer, at writing dialogue. Rowell is, too.
The characters in this book weren't likeable, but they were realistic. They were annoying in believable ways, they made poor choices and acted selfishly, yet still throughout the book I found myself rooting for them to work it out.
I enjoyed the magic realism aspect of the book. I was so impressed, after reading this third book by Rowell, at her range and the diversity of her books. Each book is so creative and she writes in different genres, and for different age groups. Her main characters are different genders, ages, races, and yet she does all of it so well, she doesn't have a "thing" that she knows and sticks to.

The only book of hers that I hadn't read was Fangirl, which came out the same year as Eleanor & Park (2013.) I'll admit, I was kind of putting this one off because it didn't seem like my type of thing, and I thought it was overhyped online. But I listened to the audiobook last week during my commute. I felt validated because there is a line in the book where one of the characters says he doesn't read, he just listens to audiobooks and another character says, "that counts as reading."
I had planned on only listening to it on my way to and from work but I listened to it over the weekend, and in the evenings until I finished it because once again, Rowell totally sucked me in.
Fangirl is about Kath, an 18-year-old girl going off to college for the first time. Her twin sister, Wren doesn't want to be her roomate and Kath has to navigate all these changes and being in a new place by herself. Kath also writes fanfiction about a fantasy series called Simon Snow. Simon Snow is basically Harry Potter - he's an orphan who finds out he gets to go to a boarding school to learn magic (although Simon is a "magician", not a "wizard.") His room mate at school is a kind of Draco Malfoy character, and his nemesis, but in Kath's fan fiction, the two boys are in love.
Kath spends her first year of college racing to finish this epic fan fiction she's been writing that has gained international attention. It's her take on the final book in the Simon Snow series and she wants to finish it before the real final book comes out. She also has to deal with new friendships, boy problems, family problems, and her classes.
This book felt like a very "back-to-school" book to me. It felt nostalgic for me because it reminded me of that time in my own life. The final Harry Potter book came out the day after my 18th birthday, and since that series was so special to me growing up, the release of the final book very much marked an "end to childhood," much like the last Simon Snow book does for Kath and her sister.
I found Kath's situations relatable but I didn't relate to her as a character. One of her personality traits is that she kind of has her guard up and is closed off from other people and since the book is written in third person, she is somewhat closed off even from the reader. I still really enjoyed the book. There are certain scenes that just pull you in and stick with you. It was a really lovely book and a great portrayal of university life, trying to navigate that foggy time between childhood and real adulthood, and of fan culture.

I think it's safe to say Rainbow Rowell is one of my new favourite authors and I am excited to see what she comes up with next!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

So Now What - The Shins cover

I haven't posted in a while. I started my new job the last week of August and this past week was the first week with students. I've been pretty exhausted and overwhelmed from all the new information, rules, names, etc. that I've been learning every day, plus adjusting to the new commute, and trying to get back into a schedule of waking up early. and my new school had an open house for the community one night last week, creating a 13 hour work day for me.

I do want to get back in the habit of posting more frequently so I did a stripped down cover of my current favourite song.
It's been my favourite song for a while. It's the new track from The Shins (who have been my favourite band for a while.)
It was in the trailer for the new Zach Braff film Wish I Was Here. I've been loving the soundtrack for that film all summer and we were finally able to see it last weekend. It had some obvious flaws and might have benefited from someone other than Braff weighing in on the big decisions (he crowd-sourced it so he could maintain creative freedom) but I still liked it.

"It's sort of an unspoken rule that things will not turn out the way you plan.
You know that I, I can handle all of that if I can still take your hand."