Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Feminist Friday: Introduction

I am going to start a new series for the month of July called "Feminist Fridays."

I will be writing and posting one article each Friday about a celebrity feminist. Not necessarily somebody who is a well-known feminist activist, but people who are in other lines of work and for whatever reason are in the public eye and use their platform to promote and spread the word on feminism.

Now, before we get started, what exactly is feminisim?

Feminism is a movement towards/ ideology promoting social, economic, political, educational, and cultural equality for women. I think one of the biggest misconceptions surrounding feminism is that feminists want women to be better than men, to have more power than men, which turns feminism into a dirty word.

Thinking a feminist is someone who only fights for women's rights is like thinking a fire fighter is somebody who only fights fires. Fire fighters also respond to accidents, save cats from trees, etc. And feminists fight for marginalized groups other than women and fight for men's rights as well.
Your job might have mulitple components/goals but some of them are more important than the others.

Feminism exists because we live in an unequal society. In terms of sexism, our society is a patriarchy which means men have most of the power and our society favours men. I'll be getting more into this concept as well as some of the different causes of modern-day feminism when I share my articles about celebrity feminists but if you are interested in educating yourself more on the subject, here are a series of links you might find helpful.

The Wikipedia page is pretty detailed and goes into the different "waves" of feminism, or feminism through history

This Laci Green video explains what a feminist is and why she identifies as one

This article explains what feminism is about today and why you probably believe in it

This article defines feminism a bit more in detail than I did and a bit more succinctly than the wiki article

The first Feminist Friday article will be up this Friday!

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