Saturday, April 26, 2014

Easter Break 2014 - Part 1: Saskatoon

On Good Friday we drove to Saskatoon in the rain/slush/snow.
Stephen had an event on Saturday and I went along to spend some time with my friend who lives there. We have been trying to see each other every month this year and so far we're 4 for 4! 
Stephen and I go to Saskatoon fairly regularly since we have friends and some family there, and it's only a few hours away, but I thought I would do up a blog post about this most recent trip since it was the start of our Easter holiday and I didn't want to leave it out and only talk about the other places we went. 
Stephen's sister took us to Amigos, a bar/Mexican cuisine restaurant that I'd never been to before.  
There was local art hanging on the walls, including this portrait of Bill Murray.
After supper the three of us went bowling for fun.

We played two games, and as you can see, I got worse. I'm not very good at bowling but it was a fun time.
On Saturday, my friend took me to Chopped Leaf, where I had a delicious burrito bowl-type dish and we had a great visit.
She liked this light.

We spent the day walking around a couple of malls, and downtown, and meeting up with her mom for a visit.

I bought a few things so here's the haul:
this cardigan from American Eagle

these red skinny jeans from Urban Planet - my friend has the same ones.
jeans from Ricki's that I bought with a leftover giftcard
this floral dress with a back cutout from American Eagle

We went for drinks at her favourite pub, O'Sheas, and Stephen met us there for supper, then we drove home. That was it for our trip to Saskatoon.
Stay tuned for blog posts detailing our trips to Calgary and Banff!

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