Monday, March 31, 2014

March Photo a Day Challenge - Part 3

Here is the last batch of photos for the March photo-a-day instagram challenge. I went to visit my sister for a weekend so the first few photos involve her. She was also doing the challenge.

21. Full
It was her birthday so we went for all you can eat sushi.

22. Morning
She has an awesome mix of cheerios at her house.

23. I'm loving...
I was loving the time we spent together.

24. One of a kind
The jewellery set my friend made me using my Murano glass beads from Italy

25. Soft

26. I am here
(mural at a restaurant in the city)

27. Something I made

28. Nostalgia
(cracking that thin white ice in spring takes me back to childhood.)

29. Sticky

30. Fast

31. Faux

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