Thursday, March 20, 2014

March Photo a Day Challenge - Part 2

11. Something Good
(Later Sunsets. like 7 pm instead of 4. a sign of spring!)

12. Partial

13. Fresh

14. Care
I took a photo of a poem a student wrote for me last year. For privacy reasons I don't want to post it. 
(My instagram is private and only people I approve can see the photos I post, but this blog isn't like that. Also the poem has my last name in it.)

15. Evening

16. Beautifully ordinary

17. Today's weather
(super melty)

18. Five years ago
This photo was taken in August 2009 on a camping trip in Northern Alberta.

19. Cropped

20. Letter
A letter my grandma wrote me in January 2011, a few months before she got sick.
"Dear BFF and Ever After That"

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