Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Florals for Winter

People are already talking about trends for spring. Well, it's not spring here and it won't be for another several weeks. One of the biggest trends for spring is always florals. I like wearing floral patterned clothing any time of year because it makes me happy. Here are four of my current favorite floral dresses and how I wear them in winter. 


purple dress thrifted years ago and hemmed by my mom. cream cardigan thrifted (so cozy).
Black jeans from Smartset. I wore this with the tall brown boots from this post


this Forever21 dress that I posted about here. black leggings from Walmart ages ago.
I like to wear this one with the short ankle boots from here.
and sometimes a black cardigan if it's especially chilly.


orange/green/white floral dress from Walmart. dark green cardigan from Ricki's. (super soft)
I wear it with boots.


white/multi-coloured dress thrifted. blue cardigan thrifted.
I like to wear it with the red mocassins from this post.

I got a new phone case because my old one was cracking and breaking.
It is from this painting

And here are some real flowers. Tulips in the kitchen. 

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