Monday, September 9, 2013

Stuff I've Been Loving Recently

I haven't blogged in a while because I was away on holiday, then spent a month posting travel blogs. So I thought it might be fun to just blog about everything.
Here's what I've been digging lately.


I made this awesome quinoa salad based on this pin I found.
It is romaine lettuce, quinoa, avocado, black beans, tomato, and the original recipe had mango but I used nectarine instead. and salsa, and we crushed taco chips into it. It was super yummy and very filling.

Lately I have been making smoothies in the morning for work instead of having coffee or tea. It's more filling and just yummier some days. This one that I love is frozen banana, oats, and chocolate almond milk. Yum!
Costco sells these salmon burgers that Stephen loves. We got some a while ago and had it for supper last week and this week. They are very good.


I watched this show a few weeks ago. It is great. It's a Netflix original, and only has one season out right now. The main character is a woman who gets incarcerated a decade after working as a drug mule and she goes to prison and the show follows her and the other women in the prison. It's based off a book which is based on a true story, and the woman it's based on is a producer of the show. It's really good but there is a lot of nudity, sexual content, some violence, and coarse language...just to warn. But I do recommend it.

On our overseas flight home I watched 4 or 5 episodes of Season 3 of the Voice because our airplane had the entire season for free on their TVs. So I have been finishing up that season. I had never watched the show before even though my parents have recommended it to me. But I am pretty into it, and will probably watch Season 5 when it starts.

Stephen and I have been watching this one together. We watched Fullmetal Alchemist years ago when we were in school, and now that this new series is on Netflix we have been watching through it. I like this series more than the other one, even though it is darker and more complicated. It's much more interesting. 

I saw this one in theatres and I really liked it. I keep confusing the title with This Is The End, which I also saw this summer, and which I also enjoyed. Both This Is The End and World's End are super funny and I recommend both!
World's End is the newest movie by Nick Frost, Simon Pegg, and Edgar Wright. It follows five high school friends who reunite to do a pub crawl they did as teenagers. They return to their hometown to find something is wrong...

A movie theatre in the city has a new program where they show more independent and artsy films, which is so awesome because often movies that I want to see never come to theatres near me. But they got this one and I saw it last weekend and I loved it a lot.
It's a coming of age story about a kid who is forced to go to his mom's boyfriend's cabin for the summer. The boyfriend is played by Steve Carrell, and the character is a real douche. The kid seeks refuge at a nearby waterpark, and finds a mentor in the park's manager - Sam Rockwell. Cute, funny movie.

 This past weekend we caught this one at the library in the city. Very good adaptation. The direction and cinematography were great. Loved it. I want Joss Whedon to do more Shakespeare - particularly Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet since those are commonly taught in schools.


I like this album by Alt-J called An Awesome Wave, which is kind of old but new to me. It's great.
Alt-J is an English band who won the Mercury Prize in 2012.

I love lorde's EP and can't wait for her full-length later this month.

and I am excited for Arcade Fire's new record in October.

I am reading A Song of Ice and Fire - currently only on the second book. It's slow going.
I am really looking forward to the new Divergent book, which is coming out at the end of October. I just ordered some new books with a gift certificate I had, so maybe if I ever finish the Game of Thrones series and read some new stuff I will post a book review.

That's it. What have you been loving lately?

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