Thursday, September 19, 2013

10 items (and 10 accessories) 10 ways - autumn edition

I had so much fun making this post in the spring that I wanted to make another one for fall. I chose 10 items from my closet and 10 accessories and created 10 outfits.
The Clothes:
1. Green camisole - Ricki's ages ago
2. Burgundy t-shirt - Urban Planet last fall
3. Black t-shirt - Smartset (I actually got it from my mom's closet a while ago)
4. wine-colored t-shirt - Randy River way back when I was in high school
5. jeans - Urban Planet this fall
6. burgundy cardigan - Zellers winter before last (while it still existed)
7. blazer - Suzy Shier outlet last fall
8. Green tie-up cardigan - Ricki's last winter (I think my mom bought it for me. Thanks, mom!)
9. black dress - Superstore fall before last
10. black pants - Smartset years ago. (I actually got a new pair of black smartset jeans to replace these since a student spilled white-out on these ones last year, but my new ones have to be hemmed so I used the old ones today.)

The Accessories
1. ocean pendant - from my late grandmother's jewellry collection
2. watch necklace - etsy
3. brown riding boots - Zellers last fall.
4. brown oxfords - Zellers last fall. I bought them to wear as "Sunday school shoes" for my Suzy Bishop costume, but I like them so I wear them.
5. green pashmina - my university bookstore while I was in university
6. purple tights - GAP ages ago
7. owl earrings - craft sale a long time ago
8. "gypsy" earrings - Claire's foreeeever ago
9. ankle boots - Payless years ago
10. cream/floral pashmina - my university bookstore while I was in university.

The Outfits:





Which one is your favorite? What are your favorite fall clothing items and accessories?

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