Monday, August 26, 2013

Europe Trip Travel Blog #7: Nice/Monaco, France

We spent a day in Nice and Monaco because we needed a day to relax in between our two full days of train-riding to get from Rome to Barcelona, and because we wanted to check it out! The train rides from Rome to Nice, and Nice to Barecelona were beautiful, going along the coast.
We stayed in Nice but took the bus to Monaco for part of the day. I was bummed because I really wanted to go the beach but it was kind of cloudy and rain was forecast. It did not end up raining, though.

We walked around Monaco, and checked out the famous casino (from the outside. We didn't go in.)

We enjoyed the tropical palm trees and the seemingly prehistoric plant life.

Monaco is really beautiful, with all the apartment buildings and office buildings built up the mountain. It's very interesting.

We saw a lot of fancy cars and a lot of fancy people while we were walking around.

We walked to "the top" and enjoyed the view, and saw the palace (again, just from the outside).

Later that night, back in Nice, we went to the beach after supper. The beach we went to was rocky (no sand) but the water was SOOO clear. The water was coled. We walked in it and Stephen skipped stones, and then I went swimming.
There was nowhere to lock up our stuff so we didn't want to both swim at the same time. Stephen didn't end up going in.

You can see me - that black speck under the moon. I got my beach day after all! (kind of.)

I really enjoyed Nice and Monaco because they were very beautiful, but we weren't there long enough to really recommend anything or give any tips.

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