Monday, August 19, 2013

Europe Trip Travel Blog #4: Venice, Italy

After Vienna, we went to our first destination in Italy - Venice!
Venice is super beautiful but very touristy and very expensive.
Even though it is small, it can be difficult to navigate because there are no subways, buses, or trams to take, just water buses which can be hard to figure out.

Honestly, we didn't do too much in Venice other than just walk around and get the most out of our 3-day water bus pass by riding the buses around the see the place. On our first night there we went for a somewhat fancy dinner - we had a four-course meal at a table by a canal, which was lovely.

On our first full day there we went to San Marco Square but didn't go inside the cathedral. Then we took a water bus to the island of Murano, where they make glass. We saw this amazing glass sculpture and walked around but the glass museum we wanted to visit was closed that day so we went back to the main islands of Venice.

We went on a gondola ride. It was quite expensive but we figured we had to do it for the experience. It was worth it and saw lots of cool things, but it wasn't as romantic as you'd think, because it wasn't really private. The canals are very narrow and there are many bridges loaded with tourists (especially in July), who just watch the gondolas go by and sometimes even take pictures of you while you're on your gondola ride. 

We saw this cormorant, and this cool sculpture on another island. We think the sculpture was inflatable because it wasn't up at night, only during the day, and we think the man's head is a politician because there was a political rally going on at that island. 

Our gondolier told us that Venice is made up of about 180 small islands connected by about 400 bridges.

We ate some gelato both days we were there and on our second night, found a cheaper supper option - we got a huge pizza and 2L of water for 12 euro. It was our supper that night and our lunch the next day. 

On our second night we took a walk to watch the sun go down and took a water bus along the main canal, which was beautiful.

A lot of my photos turned out blurry since I took them while on a boat, so this is the best shot I have of the famous Rialto Bridge.

On our second full day, we went back to Murano to see the glass museum. It was really nice and we saw a lot of beautiful glass work but it was kind of small for how expensive it was. I would have rather gone to a glass factory to see a demonstration of glass-blowing but we were there after lunch and they only do the demonstrations in the morning because it is too hot to do all day.
I really wanted to buy a souvenir, and I got a beautiful ring with Murano glass beads that were the exact color of the water in Venice. Unfortunately, it broke later on our trip and I lost one of the beads. When we got home, I asked my friend who makes jewelry to salvage the remaining beads for me and she made a beautiful pair of earrings and a necklace!

On our last night in Venice, we walked around some more and rode the water bus until it was dark out. 

Overall, I liked Venice but I think one day there would have been enough, and we had 2 1/2 days. 
I found it a bit smelly, very overcrowded, and very expensive. Many of the people were nice but there were not a lot of options for food. There were expensive 4-course meals or cheap cafe sandwiches (but no vegetarian ones) so for 2 of our 3 nights we spent almost our whole day's food budget just on supper.
But it is very beautiful and I am glad I have been there, because it was a place I wanted to see and now I have seen it.

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  1. Hey Venice is awesome place, I've visit Venice with gf last years in November.!!

  2. Venice is amazing! I was in Venice 2 months ago with my boyfriend. What a pity that you haven't visited St.Mark's Basilica, an exciting mix of great art! Yes, there were a lot of tourists but we booked museum entry tickets on the internet before arriving there...
    I remember we booked a skip the line ticket on and so we avoided the long waiting before entering St. Mark's Basilica! And what about the most exciting thing to do in Venice?! Walking by night under the moon...It's so magic, really!

  3. I have been following your blog for quite sometime. Just stop by to say thank you. Rome is one of my target destination yet i still dont have chance to go there. Reading your blog is inspire me to work harder, so I will be there next year.

    Thank you again

    holidays in italy

    1. Thank you so much.
      Good luck working towards your trip, Rome is an amazing place with lots of history!

  4. I consider Venice the most beautiful and unique places I've ever visited. Our first trip to Venice was only 3 days and I hated leaving. I returned the next year and stayed for a month. It was amazing!
    I have plans for my 3rd visit. There is SO much history in Venice. It is incredible!
    I hope you consider visiting again.