Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Europe Trip Blog #2: Leipzig, Germany

The first thing we did in Leipzig was go to Thomaskirch, which is the name of the neighborhood and the church (St. Thomas' Church).

Bach was the cantor at this church for 17 years and he lived in Leipzig for 27 years. 

This Bach statue is in a park near the church and the one below is right in front of the church.

We went to the Bach Museum which was right across from the church. It was interesting. I learned a lot about Bach. 
After the museum we had lunch and walked around a bit. We saw the opera house and the university, which is a really cool building.

We hung out in a park for a bit and then went back to the church for a concert.
Madrigal Singers performed in German, Russian, and Latin. The concert was very relaxing and the church was beautiful.

This is the pipe organ at the back of the church.

We ate supper at our hotel and just relaxed all night.
Before we left, I took photos of the pedestrian traffic lights because the German "walk" light is very iconic. You can see why.

That was it! That was our time in Leipzig. It was very brief. We went mostly for the music history and to see the Bach Museum. We didn't like it as much as we thought we would. It was quite touristy. I think part of my impression was tainted because I was a bit jet-lagged still.
We only had one day there but that was enough for me.

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