Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Climb

I am in the exact same place I was a year ago, which is frustrating. (I don't mean physical place, though that, too.)
A year ago, I had just moved out here and I didn't know where or if I'd be teaching in the fall. And lots of my friends who wanted jobs had them lined up, and lots of my friends who didn't want jobs yet didn't understand my frustration and impatience. Eventually, it all worked out.The Monday after my graduation weekend, I got a call for a possible job, and on the Tuesday I went for an interview and got a job teaching in my two major areas, in my town. So I went into the summer knowing I'd have a job in the fall. And I've been teaching there all school year and I freaking love it.

The job was originally supposed to end next week, on the 16th, because I'm covering a maternity leave, but the lady wanted to stay at home with her baby for longer so I get to stay until the end of the school year (which is the end of June). But so far, I have nothing lined up after that. And most people are in the same boat because public schools are government-funded and nobody finds out until later this month how much money they get for next year, which determines how many people they can hire etc etc etc. So it will be a while before I know anything for sure. But still.... I am super impatient and I want to know NOW.

I spoke to my sister last night and she is in a similar situation. She is not exactly where she wants to be and although in her case she knows she'll end up there, she is impatient and wants to be there now instead of waiting.
My sister believes everything happens for a reason and there are forces in the universe guiding us towards our destinies and if we think positively, the things we want will happen.
I don't believe any of that, but our conversation did help put things in perspective for me and remind me that when things are out of my control I just have to do what I can and focus on the things I can control instead of driving myself crazy worrying about the bigger things.

So I made this for Lisa. and for me.

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  1. You have such a beautiful voice!