Saturday, April 27, 2013

Movies I want to see Summer 2013

Click on the titles for trailers.

Iron Man 3 - May 3
     the newest Iron Man. self-explanatory. (this time with more Gwyneth.)
The Great Gatsby - May 10
     film adaptation of the book. Leo Dicaprio is Gatsby, Carey Mulligan is Daisy, Tobey Maguire is Nick. Awesome soundtrack, awesome hair, clothes, seems like it'll be pretty nice cinematography. I am excited for this one.
Star Trek Into Darkness - May 17
     Newest Star Trek. I liked the last one. Sidenote: is Benedict Cumberbatch super attractive or super unattractive? Because he is not average looking and I can't decide..
The Hangover 3 - May 24
     Newest Hangover and supposedly the last one. It'll be dumb but it'll be a good summer movie.
Now You See Me - May 31
     Jesse Eisenberg, Isla Fischer and Woody Guthrie, and some other people are illusionists and Morgan Freeman is their leader and they use magic to rob a bank and the FBI goes after them.
This Is the End - June 12
     James Franco, Seth Rogen, and all their usual gang are having a big party at Franco's house and then the world ends and hilarity and inappropriateness ensues.
The Bling Ring - June 14
     Back in the early 2000s some kids from LA robbed some celebrities' homes - Orlando Bloom's girlfriend, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, etc. One of the girls was also in the process of being on a reality TV show, Pretty Wild. The crimes/trial was called the Bling Ring. This movie is based on that story and it's directed by Sofia Coppolla and Emma Watson is the star. Looks pretty awesome.
Man of Steel -  June 14 
     New Superman. origin story. Chris Nolan produced. Amy Adams is Lois. Looks good.
Monsters University - June 21 
     I think this will be a dumb prequel and Monsters Inc. isn't even one of my fave Pixar films but I'm probably gonna see this one anyways.
The Way, Way Back - July 5 
      A 14-year-old kid goes on summer vacation with his mom (Toni Colette) and her asshole boyfriend (Steve Carrell) and starts working at a nearby water park, where he finds himself. Coming of age kind of story. Produced by the same people who made Little Miss Sunshine and Juno.
Girl Most Likely - July 19 (no trailer yet)
     Kristen Wiig is a playwright who attempts suicide to get attention from her ex and then ends up living with her mom (Annette Benning.)
The Wolverine - July 26 
     New Wolverine movie. Honestly, I could take or leave this franchise and I won't be upset if I don't see this one but it's fun to see superhero movies in the summertime.
The Spectacular Now - August 2 (no trailer yet)
     Shailene Woodley is an introverted high school girl who enters into a romance with the big jock/popular guy in school. Love story/they both change each other kind of thing.

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