Thursday, April 4, 2013

la vie fabuleuse de dani

I've had the week off for Easter Break. Here's what I've been up to: 

1. Travelling

We went to Medicine Hat on Friday for a family event and spent the weekend with Stephen's family, and my sister. We came home Tuesday. My suitcase is still not unpacked. (Blog of what I should be up to: Number one: laundry)

2. Reading
I didn't read all those this week, these are just the last few books I've read. Currently reading the one on the far left. It's very good. 

3. Hoping all this doesn't turn into a horrible flood.  
So far it's been melting slowly and we haven't had any issues but there is still too much of it.

4. Marvelling at the passing of time 
April already? Whuhhh?

5. Shopping 
I don't go shopping very often anymore but we did a bit while we were in Alberta. I bought these cute Adventure Time pens at HMV. (my students will love them.) and I also bought these pants but they are in the city getting hemmed (#shortpeopleproblems)

On a related note, 6. Watching TV
Specifically this show:
(catching up)

and this show:
(on Netflix) 

7. Planning a trip
to some of these places. in July. Yay!

8. Receiving Mail
my favourite kind of mail from one of my favourite people!

and 9. Playing this game 
This is mostly what I've been up to, honestly...

I hope you're all having wonderful, relaxing, busy weeks and that it is warm and sunny where you are! (but not too warm and sunny if, like me, you still have 4 feet of snow in your yard.)

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