Thursday, March 7, 2013

Weird Fears

Things that don't scare me and probably should:
- going to the dentist
- getting tattooed or pierced
- moving to a new place
- job interviews
- spending my whole life with one person
- growing old
- driving at nighttime on the highway in winter

Things that scare me and probably shouldn't:
- moths
- spiders
- stupid worries I have no control over like will my house flood in spring (probably not) and will I have a job next year (probably).
- airplanes
- downhill skiing
- fictional characters and situations
- my basement storage room at night (like I am literally scared of my own house)

Brains are weird, man.

What are you scared of?


  1. Fictional characters as in?? Movies?? Lol. I'm curious.

  2. yeah, movies, tv shows, books, situations I make up in my head, burglars and murderers who don't exist but I imagine. I'm crazy.
    the one my friends make fun of me for is I am super afraid of a character named Killer Bob from the TV show Twin Peaks and if you've seen it you'll understand.