Monday, March 25, 2013

10 Items 10 Ways Spring Edition

Ricki's always has these things where they style 10 items 10 ways. I wanted to try it so I picked ten items from my closet that I thought were good for transitioning into spring, and also things I could wear to work, then I made ten outfits out of it.

 photo 0010items_zps542998a9.jpg
1. denim jacket - thrifted.
2. black cardigan - Reitman's
3. turquoise V-neck - Wal Mart
4. black shirt - Smart Set
5. yellow tank top - Zellers
6. coral shirt - thrifted
7. khaki skirt - Gap
8. floral skirt - Suzy Shier outlet
9. black pants - Smart Set
10. green t-shirt - Zellers

 photo 01coralshirtfloralskirtdenimjacket_zps252aa520.jpg  photo 02coralshirtturquoisesweaterblackpants_zpse7e70459.jpg

 photo 03greenshirtkhakiskirtdenimjacket_zps8de38399.jpg  photo 04floralskirtblacktop_zpsab22cc23.jpg

 photo 05coralshirtkhakiskirt_zpse5907a22.jpg  photo 06yellowtankblackcardigankhakiskirt_zps01e03af3.jpg

 photo 07greenshirtblackcardiganfloralskirt_zpsc73a2714.jpg  photo 08coralshirtblackshirtkhakiskirt_zps567d0e0e.jpg

 photo 09denimjacketblackpantsgreenshirt_zps132ea60a.jpg  photo 10coralshirtdenimjacketblackpants_zpsb2c768ab.jpg

Which look is your favourite?

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Weird Fears

Things that don't scare me and probably should:
- going to the dentist
- getting tattooed or pierced
- moving to a new place
- job interviews
- spending my whole life with one person
- growing old
- driving at nighttime on the highway in winter

Things that scare me and probably shouldn't:
- moths
- spiders
- stupid worries I have no control over like will my house flood in spring (probably not) and will I have a job next year (probably).
- airplanes
- downhill skiing
- fictional characters and situations
- my basement storage room at night (like I am literally scared of my own house)

Brains are weird, man.

What are you scared of?