Saturday, February 16, 2013

February Instagram A Day Challenge - #2

I was going to put up a lovesong medley this past week for Valentine's Day but I had a cold all week and couldn't sing so that will have to wait.
Instead, here is another batch of my daily instagrams.

9. Guilty Pleasure - Pretty Little Liars
10. Three O Clock - Sherlock and a snack

11. Entrance
12. Where You Ate Lunch
(I missed that one & used dessert instead)

13. Walking

15. Inside Your Fridge
- Empty before heading out of town

Check out
Part 1
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This upcoming week is Winter Break so I will be off on a few mini-adventures. I will try to post something a bit more creative this week (maybe the medley) instead of just photos, but we will see. Have a great long weekend and an excellent week!

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