Thursday, February 28, 2013

February Instagram A Day Challenge - #3

Here are the rest:
16. Perfect & 17. In Your Hand
(I missed a day)
18. Something you don't like
(my ear was plugged)
19. I am... (on vacation)
20. Where You Stood
21. Full (my parents' house is
full of old family photos)
22. Something that makes you smile
(new Adventure Time comics as a present)
23. A word
24. Cloud (no clouds this day)

25. On your bedside table
26. quiet (my town)

27. playing
28. upside down

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Monday, February 25, 2013

To Read

I have a habit of buying books and not reading them right away and then feeling guilty.
In the past year of so (partially thanks to moving), I have actually gotten rid of a lot of books that I have read and didn't like, or finally admitted I will never read.
But I still have tons. The problem is, I always buy new books and read them before all the other ones on my shelf so my To-Read list gets longer and longer. It didn't help that in May I combined bookshelves with someone (luckily we'd already been sharing books for years but there are still some of his I haven't read)
Here are 10 books I currently own and have not read.

On the Road - Jack Kerouac
The Virgin Suicides - Jeffrey Eugenides
Middlesex - Jeffrey Eugenides
On Beauty - Zadie Smith
Kafka on the Shore - Haruki Murakami
Watchmen - Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons
Every Love Story Is a Ghost Story - D. T. Max
The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks - E. Lockhart
Religion for Atheists - Alain de Botton
Out of Our Minds - Ken Robinson

Ok...those are not all of them but a start. Hopefully in a month or two I will be able to post that I have read all these and share a new list of books on my shelf I haven't read.

If you are interested in my reading habits, I keep track of what books I read here and here.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Love Song Medley

Just in time for Valentine's Day A week late for Valentine's Day, here is my medley of love songs.
Featuring my Suzy Bishop dress.

We Found Love by Rihanna
Love You Like a Lovesong by Selena Gomez
Locked Out of Heaven by Bruno Mars
Your Love Is My Drug - Ke$ha
Ho Hey - The Lumineers
I'm Yours - Jason Mraz
She Will Be Loved - Maroon 5

Arranged by me.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

February Instagram A Day Challenge - #2

I was going to put up a lovesong medley this past week for Valentine's Day but I had a cold all week and couldn't sing so that will have to wait.
Instead, here is another batch of my daily instagrams.

9. Guilty Pleasure - Pretty Little Liars
10. Three O Clock - Sherlock and a snack

11. Entrance
12. Where You Ate Lunch
(I missed that one & used dessert instead)

13. Walking

15. Inside Your Fridge
- Empty before heading out of town

Check out
Part 1
Part 3

This upcoming week is Winter Break so I will be off on a few mini-adventures. I will try to post something a bit more creative this week (maybe the medley) instead of just photos, but we will see. Have a great long weekend and an excellent week!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

February Instagram Photo a Day - #1

I am currently doing an Instagram Photo a Day challenge. This is created by the same person who made the one I did back in April but I am doing this one on instagram, not with my Canon. Here is the challenge.
Here are the first 8.

1. Fork                                                       2. Pattern
3. Something that begins with 'e'                  4. Hope - Peril of Hope by Robert Frost
5. Something you smelled                               6. Soft
 7. Your name                                           8. Something orange

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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Music I've Been Digging Lately

1. Father John Misty - Fear Fun

This is J.Tillman/Josh Tillman/Joshua Tillman/that guy who drummed for Fleet Foxes for a few years' newest moniker.
My friend got me the album for Christmas and I really love it and have been listening to it pretty much since then (though not as constantly as he has been).
Check out: Every Man Needs a Companion

2. the Django Unchained soundtrack

I saw the film shortly after it came out and got the soundtrack about a week after that. It's really cool. Quentin Tarantino individually selected each song, as he does for all his films' soundtracks, but there's a note in this one about the recordings:

The soundtrack is a good mix of spaghetti western-style older songs, hip hop, and audio clips from the movie.
Check out: Unchained (The Payback/Untouchable) - James Brown and 2Pac 
(a mashup of those two songs and dialogue from the film)

3. Local Natives - Hummingbird

This album just came out last week so I've only been listening to it for less than a week but I really like it. I liked it the first time I heard it and it's been growing on me since.
I think it's a solid follow-up to Gorilla Manor and I was very excited for it to come out since when I met these guys 2 years ago they said they were going to get back in the studio right away. ...'bout time!
Check out: Breakers 
(they released it as a single before the album came out and I agree that it is a good indication of what the album is like and it really has their 'sound'. Echoes of it return later on the album, as well, so this is a good intro to the album.)

4. Ben Gibbard - Former Lives

This album came out months ago but I just got it last weekend so I've only been listening to it for a few days but I really like it.
I love everything Ben Gibbard touches (Deathcab, Postal Service, his 2003 solo release with Andrew Kenny  - Home, Vol V.) so I bought the album as soon as I saw it.
I really like it. It's pretty much what you'd expect it to be but I'm not looking for Ben to change sounds or anything. I think even if he tried to (like if he sang a song somebody else wrote) he'd still put too much of himself into it, his voice is too distinctive.
Check out: Bigger than Love (feat. Aimee Mann, I believe, though not credited on the album.)
and, as a bonus, check out this live recording of You Remind Me of Home (from Home, Vol V.)
and see if you agree with my boyfriend that Ben looks like a muppet when he's singing live. (he claims the top of his head moves instead of his bottom jaw, making him look like a muppet. Though, to be fair, he also had shaggier hair when we saw Deathcab live and he kind of flopped his head around a lot.)

What have you been listening to lately? Any thoughts on any of the music I mentioned?