Sunday, December 16, 2012

Favourite TV Christmas Episodes

 Last week I was sick and spent a lot of time at home watching Christmas specials on my laptop.
Here are some of my favourite TV Christmas specials (that I watched last week and in general)

1. I really like all of The Office's Christmas episodes but my favourite has got to be Season 2's "Christmas Party."

but I am going to give honorable mentions to the openings from Season 3's "A Benihana Christmas"

and Season 7's "Classy Christmas"

2. My So-Called Life's "So-Called Angels"

A beautiful and emotional Christmas episode and yet it also fits really well into the arc of the series.

3. Community's "Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas"

Clever and hilarious. I also really liked last season's "Regional Holiday Music".
This show is good at being a show.

4. Gossip Girl's Season 1 Christmas episode, "Roman Holiday".

This was when the show was in its prime.
I love Dan and Serena in this episode and their storyline about finding each other gifts.
I love the Rufus and Lily drama.
I love Blair and her story with her dad.
It's a great episode. A+

5. Boy Meets World - Season 6's "Santa's Little Helpers" (not to be confused with Season 1's "Santa's Little Helper.")

The scene where Eric is praying on the it.

6.  Hey Arnold - "Arnold's Christmas"

I rewatched this last year for the first time since I was a kid and realized how deep and intense this episode was for a kid's show. It still holds up.

7. and while we're on the subject of kids' shows..
Adventure Time's "Holly Jolly Secrets"

It's the Ice King's origin story, and also a cute Christmas episode.

What are some of your favourite TV Christmas specials?

Friday, December 7, 2012

How to Wear Jeans to Work

I am not allowed to wear jeans at work normally but this week we had a special casual week where we donated money to charity for the privilege of wearing jeans all week. If I wear jeans and a bunnyhug I look like a student (sometimes I look like one anyways) so I tried to make my outfits more professional.
Look #1: I wore this on Monday. It was comfy and casual but still teacher-y, I think.
jeans: Bootlegger fall 2011
blouse: Zellers fall 2012
pocket watch necklace: Etsy
earrings: thrifted
Mocassins: Spring years ago 

Look #2: cold day. opted for sweater and scarf and boots.
jeans: I forget. They are old. possibly Wal Mart years ago?
black sweater: thrifted
scarf: gift, I think?
earrings: gift. my friend got them for me in Brooklyn.
boots: Spring maybe two winters ago?
phone case: Etsy

Look #3: I wanted to try the jeans and t shirt and blazer look
jeans: same as look 1
t-shirt: who knows
blazer: Ricki's last winter
necklace: I made it. You can see it here
earrings: bought at a craft sale or art show years ago
flats: I've had them for years. 
I think I bought them at the same time as the mocassins in Look 1, maybe from Spring.

Look #4: this is my favourite look, probably because dark red/burgundy is my favourite colour right now. I had a bedroom this colour when I was a teenager, and hair this colour once. (evidence) and am loving it again lately.
Jeans: forget. also old. I think Zellers?
camisole: Ricki's maybe, or maybe thrifted.
polka dot top: thrifted
cardigan: Ricki's
necklace: gift
earrings: not sure, just basic studs. probably Wal Mart or some place like that.
mocassins: I've had them since high school but they are still my faves. Proably Payless circa 2006.

I could never be a real fashion blogger not because I'm not narcissistic enough but because I never remember where I get things, I still wear clothes from over 5 years ago and most of my stuff is thrifted or hand-me-downs or gifts. So boring. But anyways, I hope you like this post and use it as inspiration the next time your place of work has a casual day.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Spin My Dreidel, Baby (Update Blog)

This blog comes to you in six parts. (It's an update blog)

I quit NaNoWriMo about half-way through the month. I just kind of lost interest in my story and didn't feel like beating a dead horse or switching stories so I just gave up, and I didn't even feel that bad about it, honestly. I liked the story I did write, so I may turn it into a short story at some point.
I have been enjoying our newly set-up music studio and playing music more. I wrote a poem last week.
I have a couple blog posts planned - there will be a cool one at the end of this week.

We set our tree up and decorated the weekend before last (still in November, I know.) We have an artificial tree so we can set it up early.
This past weekend we finished almost all our Christmas shopping. We went to a whooole bunch of places in the city on Saturday and got it all done in one day, we just have a few little things left to pick up. Yesterday I wrapped everything and finished almost all the Christmas cards.
We also bought the movie Elf on blu-ray for $9.
And we bought After Eight hot chocolate.
so yeah, that's all pretty great.
I am really looking forward to the holidays because we get two weeks off school and lots of my favourite people will be in the same place as me which doesn't usually happen so yay!

Last week my new nephew was born and I got to meet him on Saturday and he is awesome and I love him lots. So that was great.
My sister is coming home this weekend to meet him so I get to see her and she and I are going to decorate our parents' house for Christmas.
on Saturday all of my family and Stephen's family are coming out for supper to see the renos we did on our house and just hang out and eat and have fun.
It's going to be very hectic and there will be a lot of people in one place but our house is not small so I think it will be fine.

Car:the main bummer in my life right now is that I found out today that it will cost over $1000 to put winter tires on my car which I desperately need because currently my car gets stuck in my shoveled driveway. I am thankful I don't have to drive to work every day or commute but it really sucks because there are times when I need to drive places....and usually it requires going on a highway. And I went into debt to get this car when I had been debt-free so I was/am pretty upset.

work is going great. I love my job. Today was awesome because my class got to interview a local(ish) author over the phone. They came up with all the questions themselves and took turns asking her and were very respectful listeners and they learned a lot and really enjoyed the experience. It was very fun and I'd never done anything like that before so it was pretty cool.
Afterwards one of my students who is a poet and writer said she was very inspired to write and was going to go home to edit a story of hers which is great.
I also found out I get to do some professional development and attend a training session which is great because it will make me better at my job and it will look nice on my resume.
In general I am really enjoying teaching and most days I am very happy and can't believe I get paid to do something I love.

Overall there is not much to complain about, things are great.

That was only 5 parts so here is a video of Rashida Jones and Jimmy Fallon changing the lyrics to popular songs to be about holidays.  The title might make more sense now.
*EDIT: for some reason Fallon's show or NBC or somebody made the video private on youtube and the only links I can find are for hulu which only works in the USA.
You can watch a weird edited version with annoying people talking before and after here. Sorry. :(

Have a great week!