Monday, August 27, 2012

Hugs Are Laughter From Arms

My advice to you is to find someone in this life who makes it feel like a party.
If you can fall asleep each night feeling like you are having a slumber party with your best friend, you are lucky.

Last night Stephen and I made a poem before bed, alternating one word at a time.
Here is our collaboration:

Hugs are laughter from arms.
When two arms slide into the embrace, giggles commence.
Hugs beget love.
Love begets laughter.
The moral is hug often.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Any Minute Now...

School starts next week.
Well, sort of.
I start next week, the students start the week after.

I am so excited and nervous for my first year of teaching. I know I am going to make so many mistakes and learn so much, and I hope my students will, too.

I want to do a good job so badly, and I care so much about it but that alone is not enough. I have to work hard and accept that I am probably going to fail sometimes, but it will be okay and I will learn from it.

I just hope this will be a great experience. I hope I can tackle all my nerves and fears!

Wish me luck!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

We're So Cool, We're so cool, we're so cool

When We Were 14
     We met and got married. We went to the same high school and a girl I'd been friends with since childhood took French class with you. At the Valentine's Dance the student council had set up an altar and people could "get married." She introduced us and suggested we get married. So we did.

When We Were 15
     There was a time when we thought we maybe had crushes on each other, possibly because society told us a boy and a girl couldn't just be friends, possibly because society told you to try to be straight, possibly because you were nice to me and other boys, including a boy who was my boyfriend for a while, weren't. But it turned out we didn't.
     One time we were in the basement of our school and it was just you and me and you told me you'd always wanted to wear a dress and so I took mine off and stood in my shirt and pants (I always wore pants with dresses) and you tried on my dress and twirled around and we never told anyone....until now, I guess. Sorry.

When We Were 16
     I fell in love with your best friend and a bunch of people we went to school with but who didn't really know us swore you were secretly in love with me and told me so and said you pined for me and it killed you that I was with someone else and they could "tell by the way you looked at me" and I knew they were wrong and I told you about it and we laughed at them.

When We Were 17
     You went away for the summer and you came back and I knew you would leave again and having had a taste of what it would be like without you I tried to make the most of it so we wrote haikus and excluded other people from things and just tried to have the best time because we knew you were going.
     And one time I came with you on what turned out to be a set up by some girl you knew and they were all mad because when you told them my name they thought I was a boy but it turned out you brought another girl on your date.

When We Were 18
     You moved away and I missed you and I was jealous of your new life and your chance to be whoever you wanted to be while I was stuck in the same place, and I got to learn which of the people we knew were your friends and which weren't because sometimes when I ran into people they would ask about you and I realized I knew about your far away life and they didn't and I felt so special to get to be your friend.
     You told me a secret which hadn't really been a secret for a long time and I kept it from everyone and again felt special because I didn't have any secrets of my own so I was happy to keep yours.

When We Were 19, 20, 21
     We held on to old nicknames and sign-offs on letters, and I always worried that when you came back it'd be different somehow. That one of us would have changed too much, or that you would expect nothing to have changed when it had...but it was always okay.

When We Were 22 
     We lived in the same place again for the first time in years and what did we even do?
I know we did stuff and I'm sure it was great but right now I can't remember and it's over and it's gone and we'll never get it back.

When We Are 23
You'll move away again, this time forever and I can only hope that one day my kids will call you Uncle and I hope they'll have friends like you in their lives and I hope when we're old we can still remember our bad hairstyles and the times we've had these past 9 years and that our memories will keep us young while making us feel old and I hope we'll be friends forever no matter where we are and never lose touch and I hope one day I won't see you on TV and say to someone or myself "I used to know him."

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Osheaga Day 3 - Sunday

     Sunday was the best day of the festival, music-wise. It was non-stop awesome bands all day.
     Unfortunately it was rainy that day so I did not take my camera out. I didn't have a waterproof backpack. I wrapped some things like my phone and passport in my raincoat inside my backpack but I just didn't want to risk wrecking my camera and I knew I wouldn't be able to take many photos anyway. So to make up for it here is a photo of Notre Dame Cathedral I took on the Friday. 

     One of the biggest disappointments was that we weren't able to see MGMT on Friday night because they were at the exact same time as Sigur Rós. There was half an hour where MGMT was still playing after Sigur Rós finished, but this is the annoying part. Two of the stages were really far away from the other stages and people had to walk up these stairs and over this man-made overpass which was basically a scaffolding, then down the stairs to get to the stage. It was always really congested and took a while, and MGMT was at the furthest away stage on the other side of the overpass. So we couldn't go.
     Well, on Sunday there were a few times where we were alternating between the far away stage ("Scène verte") and the main stage. So that was pretty annoying, but other than that it was a great day!

     When we first arrived Passion Pit was playing because they had been moved to an earlier time. As we walked in it poured rain for about 10 minutes which was the first of many times we were soaked that day. Seeing Passion Pit was great. I've never seen them live before and I really like their music.
     After Passion Pit was Common, which my friend said was "sooo much better than Snoop Lion."
     We went and stood for Santigold who had some similar antics as her show at Sasquatch (the horse costume, the dancers, pulling audience members on stage to sing with her) but she had a slightly different set list and it was really good. It was really hot out during her set because the rain had let up and the sun was shining.
     We saw Tame Impala right after and got really close to the inactive stage. Another thing I forgot to mention from Friday was that there was someone manning a fire hose at the main stages, hosing down audience members. On Friday we got hosed down after the sun went down, which was annoying because we were already cooled off and we didn't dry off all night. We got hosed down during Tame Impala, which was pretty refreshing after standing in the sun for Santigold.
     After Tame Impala was the Shins which we had an awesome spot for, and I was excited to see them again, and everyone around us was excited and just when they came out and started playing Kissing the Lipless, it poured rain. I really like when it rains at outdoor shows, as long as it doesn't get too cold. I think it kind of brings everyone together in a cheesy way. Like "yeah we are soaking wet but we are effing listening to The Shins!" James Mercer said "I'm just about as wet as you all are!" because the rain was splashing the stage. However, after the rain let up and it was clear the sun was not coming back, Hose Guy came out and hosed us all down! Even though we were already soaked.
     The Shins were amazing. So crazy to me that I've seen them live twice. We left about 5 or 10 minutes before the end to see all of Bloc Party, who were on Scène verte (the far away stage.) For a few minutes it looked like Bloc Party might not play because all their stuff was covered in tarps and it was still raining but they did play and it was awesome!!!
     We trekked back to the main stage through the mud to see Metric, who had already started, and left before they finished to see M83 at Scène verte. Metric was awesome. Emily Haines is beautiful talented amazing.
     M83 wins best light show for the festival and they were really fun. It stopped raining, and a stranger gave me a glowstick to wave around and dance with.
     After M83 we went back to the main stage to see The Black Keys but we only stayed for a few songs because everyone wanted to go home, we were exhausted and wet and our feet hurt. I kind of wanted to stay to see the finale and see if any other bands joined them but I had seen The Black Keys before and didn't want to make everyone stay so we left for showers and food and beds.
It was a great festival and a great weekend.

My Band Total was: Friday - 8, Saturday - 10, Sunday - 9. Overall Total: 27 bands in 3 days.
Not bad.

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Friday, August 10, 2012

Osheaga Day 2 - Saturday

Day 2 of Osheaga was very hot and uncomfortable and there weren't a lot of acts I was very excited for. 
I actually took this photo Friday night but I don't have a lot of photos for this post.

     We grabbed a shady spot to park it for the afternoon behind some beer tent or something so we could only see one of the main stages but we could see a screen to see the other acts. The first band we saw was The Dø which I had never heard of before and they were weird but pretty okay.  
     Next was Kathleen Edwards who we'd all seen before but she put on a good show. The only photos I have of her are of the screen because she was on the stage we didn't have a good view of. Believe me, sitting in the shade was more important to our survival than being able to see the other stage. 
After Kathleen Edwards was Portugal. The Man. 

, then Calexico, then Plants and Animals (above.) I had never seen Portugal. the Man before but I only know a few of their songs. I had seen Calexico and Plants and Animals before so I wasn't that pumped for their sets, they were pretty okay. 
     We took a break and then saw A$AP Rocky which I did not like. (It was basically just loud airhorns, Wussup? and Fucker over and over again but two of my friends wanted to see them and there was nothing else on I cared about.)

     Then we saw Garbage who were really good. My camera batteries died during their set and I had left the others at the hotel, so this was my last photo of the day. One really cute thing that happened was when the singer tried to speak in French (she was pretty bad at it but I'm not one to talk) and asked the security man ("Monsieur Securité") to pass her "une lettre por moi" a fan letter that someone in the front was holding out to her, and then she thanked the girl and the security guy and then tried to say en francais "this song is for you" but she screwed it up I think but it was really cute. 
     After Garbage was Feist who is different every time I see her so I enjoyed that. Snoop Dogg...excuse me, Snoop Lion... came on late so we left before he even started and went to see The Jesus and Mary Chain. Then on our way out, we had to pass the main stages again so we saw Snoop Lion for a bit. He was playing Gin and Juice, which my friend was happy about because I guess that was the one Snoop song he wanted to hear, but it was really hard to hear Snoop Lion. He was really mumbly and the samples and backing tracks were really loud. 

And that was Saturday! It was hot and long and pretty uneventful, but overall still a pretty good day. 

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Osheaga Day 1 - Friday

     I spent last weekend in Montréal, Quebec, attending Osheaga music festival.
It was very different from Sasquatch. It was in my own country so there was no hassle with customs or exchanging money or anything, but it was in Quebec and I am not bilingual so that was different. It was also a much smaller festival, it seemed. It was harder to navigate. And it was only 3 days.
     Also unlike Sasquatch, this festival is in a city, not in the middle of nowhere, Washington. This meant no camping for us - we got to go back to a hotel and shower and eat food and sleep in a bed each night which was just marvelous.
     I really enjoyed the festival and the weekend. I was with some of my favourite people in the world, in a beautiful city, listening to awesome music outside. What more could I ask for?

The first band we saw on Friday was The Walkmen. It was unbearable hot out. In the West we are not used to humidity. If it is humid out that means it will storm soon and the humidity will pass. But in Montreal, it was wet and hot the entire time we were there. So the sun was beating down on us and we were all sweating, but it was a good show.

After this show we decided we had to find shade, and the next thing we all really cared about wasn't for a few hours so we found a shady spot by another stage and saw Freelance Whales and The Jezebels.

After taking a break to eat, we saw Franz Ferdinand on the main stage which was awesome. A lot of the bands we saw this weekend were bands we all loved in high school so it was a bit nostalgic.

My photos are all a bit soft because my camera didn't know what to make of the sun.

The two main stages were right beside each other and acts alternated between them so there was never a lull. One stage would have a performer while crew members set up the other stage so it was ready to go as soon as the current set finished. I thought that was great organization.

So immediately after Franz Ferdinand we saw The Weeknd (above), then Florence and the Machine (below).

Florence Welch looks a bit like a coked-out witch, particularly when the screen flashes and changes during a photograph.

She was a super weird performer, but really entertaining, especially when she did a finale of two of her best songs (in my opinion) - Shake It Out and The Dog Days Are Over.

After The Weeknd we snuck up closer to the inactive stage and watched Florence from afar because we wanted a good spot for Sigur Rós.

They were the only group all weekend who had their own videos to play on the screens. This is the computer background while the videos were being set up.

And for me, the best show of the weekend was on Friday night, so the rest of the festival just felt like a bonus. Sigur Rós!!!!!!

They were amazing live. I cried the minute Hoppípolla started. Granted, I cry when that song comes on my iPod but seeing it live was an unforgettable experience.

I love love loved it.

An example of their beautiful videography during songs.

At the end everyone who helped with the performance (band members, people running the videos, and a baby) came on stage and bowed. It was adorable!

After Sigur Rós we saw Justice, but only briefly. We were all exhausted from walking around all morning, then standing in the heat at the festival for hours. My one friend really wanted to stay and regrets that he didn't make us stay longer but at the time he was being nice and letting us go to bed.

And that was day one!

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