Friday, December 7, 2012

How to Wear Jeans to Work

I am not allowed to wear jeans at work normally but this week we had a special casual week where we donated money to charity for the privilege of wearing jeans all week. If I wear jeans and a bunnyhug I look like a student (sometimes I look like one anyways) so I tried to make my outfits more professional.
Look #1: I wore this on Monday. It was comfy and casual but still teacher-y, I think.
jeans: Bootlegger fall 2011
blouse: Zellers fall 2012
pocket watch necklace: Etsy
earrings: thrifted
Mocassins: Spring years ago 

Look #2: cold day. opted for sweater and scarf and boots.
jeans: I forget. They are old. possibly Wal Mart years ago?
black sweater: thrifted
scarf: gift, I think?
earrings: gift. my friend got them for me in Brooklyn.
boots: Spring maybe two winters ago?
phone case: Etsy

Look #3: I wanted to try the jeans and t shirt and blazer look
jeans: same as look 1
t-shirt: who knows
blazer: Ricki's last winter
necklace: I made it. You can see it here
earrings: bought at a craft sale or art show years ago
flats: I've had them for years. 
I think I bought them at the same time as the mocassins in Look 1, maybe from Spring.

Look #4: this is my favourite look, probably because dark red/burgundy is my favourite colour right now. I had a bedroom this colour when I was a teenager, and hair this colour once. (evidence) and am loving it again lately.
Jeans: forget. also old. I think Zellers?
camisole: Ricki's maybe, or maybe thrifted.
polka dot top: thrifted
cardigan: Ricki's
necklace: gift
earrings: not sure, just basic studs. probably Wal Mart or some place like that.
mocassins: I've had them since high school but they are still my faves. Proably Payless circa 2006.

I could never be a real fashion blogger not because I'm not narcissistic enough but because I never remember where I get things, I still wear clothes from over 5 years ago and most of my stuff is thrifted or hand-me-downs or gifts. So boring. But anyways, I hope you like this post and use it as inspiration the next time your place of work has a casual day.

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