Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My Halloween Costumes

I was Tigger when I was 3 and again when I was 4. 

Clown - age 5

Witch - age 6

Cat - age 7

Princess - age 8

Mummy - age 9

Butterfly - age 10 (my favourite.)
 My mom made those huge wings for me, they are so awesome.

Hippie - age 11

When I was 12 I was a turtle - the first year I didn't wear a homemade costume.
The only pics I could find were really dark but here is a photo of me wearing the same costume to a Mario Party party a couple years ago for a Koopa costume...yes I still fit stuff I wore when I was 12. 

when I was 13 I was a rainbow....Mom didn't help with that one, obviously.

I think I went trick or treating when I was 14 but I didn't dress up. And I didn't dress up in high school. I think maybe one year in high school and a couple years in university I had jobs working with kids and had to dress up so I reused the butterfly costume.

Then when I was 20 I was Coraline.

When I was 21 I was half of a double rainbow.

Last year I was Miss Piggy.

and this year I was Suzy Bishop from Moonrise Kingdom

Happy Halloweeeeeeeeeeeen!

I will post pictures of our pumpkin tomorrow as well as some news about what I'll be doing in November. (hint.)


  1. where'd you get the dress for your suzy costume

    1. but it was over a year ago, I'm not sure they'd still have it.