Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My Halloween Costumes

I was Tigger when I was 3 and again when I was 4. 

Clown - age 5

Witch - age 6

Cat - age 7

Princess - age 8

Mummy - age 9

Butterfly - age 10 (my favourite.)
 My mom made those huge wings for me, they are so awesome.

Hippie - age 11

When I was 12 I was a turtle - the first year I didn't wear a homemade costume.
The only pics I could find were really dark but here is a photo of me wearing the same costume to a Mario Party party a couple years ago for a Koopa costume...yes I still fit stuff I wore when I was 12. 

when I was 13 I was a rainbow....Mom didn't help with that one, obviously.

I think I went trick or treating when I was 14 but I didn't dress up. And I didn't dress up in high school. I think maybe one year in high school and a couple years in university I had jobs working with kids and had to dress up so I reused the butterfly costume.

Then when I was 20 I was Coraline.

When I was 21 I was half of a double rainbow.

Last year I was Miss Piggy.

and this year I was Suzy Bishop from Moonrise Kingdom

Happy Halloweeeeeeeeeeeen!

I will post pictures of our pumpkin tomorrow as well as some news about what I'll be doing in November. (hint.)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Other Dani Turned 200! (A bit ago...)

I recently made my 200th blog post, without realizing it. (My 200th post was this one, lol.)
So in the spirit of forgetting to make a big deal about things and then promoting yourself after the fact,
I went back and chose some of my favourite posts that I've done.
These are things that I am really proud of and surprisingly not embarassed of even though it's been a while since I made them.
Here are 8 of my favourite posts on The Other Dani. (in no order other than chronological..I think?)

1. With Arms Outstretched
This was one of my first blog posts and I wrote it about an amazing person who I have been lucky enough to be friends with since I was 12. The title comes from this song which is important to us.
I still like this post because I still love this person and want her to know it forever.

2. Ferris Bueller Is My Hero
This post is kind of silly. My favourite part was putting in all the links to the images. This is actually one of my most popular posts because of how many people google image search "ferris bueller's girlfriend", weirdly. Anyways, I think this is a fun post about some iconic movies that I love.

3. Winter Work Clothes - How to look good when it's cold out
This was the first fashion post I ever did and I worked really hard on it: finding the images, planning the outfits and taking photos of myself with my new gorillapod tripod haha. Even though some of the photos are a bit blurry, I am really proud of this post. I thought of the idea by pretty much googling the title and coming up short. I thought "hey, I have a blog. I can make that." and I did. and lots of people have found it and hopefully found it helpful and inspiring. So yeah, I am proud of this one.

4. Happy Birthday!
This was for my sister's birthday. It was right after she told me she was going to move 5 hours away from me. Shortly after I posted it I saw it printed out at her house. It means a lot to me because it meant a lot to her. And she's the best.

5. Taylor Swift Medley
This one might be a bit dorky but it is the first time I put a video of myself singing on the internet (publicly, anyway). I worked hard on arranging the medley after I noticed some similarities in chord progressions and intervals in some of her songs (Speak Now and You Belong With Me, particularly). I made this and put it up and people liked it and I still think it's my best cover, because of the unique arrangement.

6. U.F.O
This post just sums up the last few years for me. It came out of a lot of uncertainty and feeling like life would never be what I wanted it to be and realizing maybe that was okay. Basically, it felt like I had to grow up a lot to write this. The video I made for the song was something I was really proud of, too. Sadly, it got taken off Youtube and Vimeo because of copyright but I am planning on covering the song myself soon and putting the video to that so I can reupload it.

7. Explanation of My Tattoos
A very personal explanation of something that means a lot to me emotionally. Basically, who I am as a person inked on my back and written about on here.

8. We're So Cool, We're so cool, we're so cool
Similar to #s 1 and 4, this post is special to me because it's about a special person who I've been friends with since I was 15. The title is taken from a song again. (this one).
I had the #1 post on this list in my mind when I wrote this one. They are both about important people and both titled after songs, but whereas the first one is about a special friendship you know will last forever, this one for me was more about a friendship that is so special to you you worry it'll be like sand in your hand and if you squeeze too hard you'll lose it. The person I wrote this about is an amazing person going off into the world to do great things and when I wrote this I knew he was leaving again for good and I just felt like I was losing him.
There is always a part of you that wants to believe love can conquer all and you can be friends with people across great distances, but on the brink of growing up sometimes it's scary to think your relationship will never be the same again. It's hard to imagine us friends as adults simply because we never have been before.
I know we'll be okay but that's the place this post came from. Like some of the other posts on this list, it's important to me because the person it's about is.
Also I like the way it's written.

So, there you go. Thanks for following my blog if you do, and caring about it, and giving me an excuse to create things and make words and music and pictures and respond to the world. I would probably do it if nobody looked, but it's a bit more fun knowing somebody might.


Sunday, October 21, 2012

born to multiply, born to gaze into night skies. All you want is one more Saturday.

Northern Lights a few weeks ago

hot air balloon by my friend's place in the city

Stephen's grandma gave me some new plants. This one is rooting before I can pot it.

Plant behind the curtain

I bought myself flowers for the dining table because fall is bumming me out

This little monster lives in our kitchen window. he's from a Kinder Surprise.

my nephews found these stones in the garden during summer and gave them to me.
the one on the left from the four-year-old and the one on the right from the two-year-old.

mic in the studio.

our beautiful pumpkin from our friend's mom's garden.
Waiting to be carved next weekend.

bamboo plant and globe.

bought and watched this lovely film this weekend. Love it.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

5 celebrities I want to be friends with

The idea of liking celebrities is kind of weird.
We don't know them yet we develop crushes on them, or want to be friends with them, or decide to hate them, or root for their relationships to last or fall apart...based on the weird ideas we have of them in our minds.
I guess we do that to all strangers, whether famous or not, but it just seems more acceptable with celebrities for some reason.
Here are five celebrities I think would be really cool people if I met them.
I didn't include any musicians or authors because...too many. These are all actors/actresses. K.

1. Amy Poehler

She just seems like the awesomest person ever. I loved her on SNL, and in pretty much every movie and TV show she's ever been in that I've seen. And Leslie Knope is my hero and I bet she and Amy have a lot in common. And also, her web series Ask Amy is just amazing and inspirational and she's so wise and caring and awesome. And she's really funny. And cool. and pretty. I just love her.
Fall in love with her. 

2. Emma Watson

Ok, she was Hermione which is amazing. and I bet if we were friends she could introduce me to Jo Rowling. But besides that, I have read and seen interviews she's done over the years and she just seems so mature and classy. And I "like" her page on facebook and she always posts her opinions and advice about life, and it's really good.
Fall in love with her. (the second video in particular)

3. Ellen Degeneres

She's just the best. She's so funny and weird and has such a unique way of looking at things. Plus she always wants to help other people and make people laugh and dance and find joy in life. She would just be a really supportive and optimistic friend.
You're probably already in love with her, but watch this anyways.

4. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

I've had a crush on him since 10 Things, but besides that he started a website called HitRECord, for artists to make and share things: music, short films, writing, etc. and he's really passionate about the arts and creating things. and he just seems like a cool, smart, down-to-earth guy.
Fall in love with him.

5. Neil Patrick Harris
He seems really funny and genuine. He has the cutest family, and he is always himself in any interview I've read/seen. He loves musicals. And maybe he could introduce me to Joss Whedon, or at least sing songs from musicals with me and give me a Barney Stinson high five.
Fall in love with him from this photo:

Which celebrities would you want to be friends with?

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Ending (Original Song)

I have a hard time letting go of things, generally. Especially relationships.
But I guess sometimes you don't have a choice. I wrote this song at the end of the summer.
It's about shitty friends.

(Ignore my wet hair and awkward-looking knees)

Let me know if you can relate.

Lyrics after the jump.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Annual Gratitude

The last couple years I have made thankful posts on here. (20102011)
Here is what I am thankful for this weekend. 


my job








What are you thankful for?
Images found various places, such as here and here