Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Teacher Fashion Essentials

I think if you find yourself needing certain things for work you might as well have cute ones!
Here are 5 accessories I find myself needing at work, and photos of mine.

5. comfy shoes
I don't sit down often when I teach so wearing comfy shoes is important. I am short so I could wear heels but I tend to only wear short ones on special occasions. I prefer flats. Here are three of my favourite pairs! They are all pretty old (I think I've had the red ones since high school) but I don't care, I love them.

I also have a couple of pairs of boots I like for fall/winter. We'll see how it is when there's snow and I am walking to school, but these are nice and look good with dresses/tights and dress pants.

the one on the left is black and has a removable buckle. The one on the right is dark brown with a bit more of a heel. (and I just got them for $12!)
I am currently lusting after these.(the brown ones).

4. a lunchkit

I eat lunch at school and I like having a cute lunchkit. I got this one at Wal-Mart. It's nice and big and pretty!

3. a water bottle
I've had this SIIG for years and I love it but last week it started leaking out the's taken too many falls and beatings in my bag, I guess.
So I just ordered this awesome Keith Haring one:

2. a coffee cup
for coffee and tea. Yum!
I have this awesome bodum travel mug with a coffee maker in it, and you can insert your own photo so you can basically change the design as often as you want. A girl I used to work with got it for me a couple years ago when she also worked in a tea shop.
My old design was this:

my new one is this:

and now it matches my lunchkit!

1. a watch.
Not all of the rooms I teach in have functioning/accurate clocks and I do supervision and sometimes the bells don't work so I really need a watch.
The problem is I don't like wearing watches or bracelets or things on my wrists so I ordered this adorable pocket watch necklace off Etsy and I love it! I think it was $8 including shipping.

I love it! It's so pretty!

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