Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fall Movies 2012

So this never really works. When I lived in the city it didn't work because movies I want to see never come out there. Now it works even worse because the movie theatre that doesn't get the movies I want to see is an hour away.

but anyways,
update. In April I said I wanted to see all these movies.
I saw Moonrise Kingdom but not until July, even though it came out in May everywhere else.
I saw Brave and didn't like it.
I saw Dark Knight Rises on my birthday and it was awesome.
I could have seen Spiderman but decided not to after hearing it wasn't that good from a lot of people.
and I never saw Now Is Good, Safety Not Guaranteed, or Seeking a Friend for the End of the World because they didn't come to a theatre near me. (I still want to see them.) Also my sister-in-law and I really wanted to see this movie but it hasn't come out yet here either.

Now here are some movies I want to see this fall...we'll see how it works out.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower - Sept 14
     based on the book by Stephen Chbosky and he also wrote the screenplay and directed. A basic coming-of-age highschool story about a guy and his friends and the stuff that happens to them.
    (still not out here even though the release date is passed. Also I just re-read this. I read it aloud to Stephen who hadn't read it before so now I am excited for the film. Also, Emma Watson and Paul Rudd are in it.)
Looper - Sept 28
   Bruce Willis is Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the future and he travels back in time to assassinate his younger self.
Pitch Perfect - Oct 5
     Adam from Workaholics and the girl from 50/50 compete in college a capella glee clubs. Like Step Up but with singing. and probably funnier.
Argo - Oct 12
     Ben Affleck stars and directs. In the 70s some Americans are trapped as hostages in Iran so a group of people pretend to be making a movie and go to Iran to "film on location" and rescue the hostages.
Breaking Dawn Pt. 2 - Nov 16
     Final Twilight movie. Bella is a vampire now and she and Edward have a half-human half-vampire baby and everyone is mad about it so the good vampires have to fight the bad vampires.
Silver Linings Playbook - Nov 21
     Bradley Cooper has a mental illness and moves in with his parents. Jennifer Lawrence is a widow and also crazy and the two hang out.
The Hobbit - Dec 14
     The first of four movies based on one book. Actually called The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Not too sure which parts of the book this movie will cover. Still excited. It'll be a good Christmas-time movie.

What new movies do YOU want to see?

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