Sunday, September 23, 2012

Adding to the "Smile File"

Last year when I was student-teaching I made a couple of posts about happy teacher moments or whatever.
I thought I might occasionally do that on here again for narcissistic reasons, mostly. It makes me happy and cheers me up if I'm having a rough day and it's easy for me to find if it's on here. but also maybe it will make you happy? Also my writer-mother always responds the same when I tell her stuff like this (just anecdotes from my life): "You need to write that down!" Here you go, Mom.
*I was going to call this post Kids Say the Darndest Things but then  I added some tthings adults said.

On my first day at this school I was teaching my grade 7 class and the girls went swimming so I just had the boys. They got right to work on their first assignment (writing me a letter about themselves) and I was so impressed. At the end of class I said, "thanks for working so hard today!" and one of the boys said, "thanks for being such a great teacher, today!"
He was probably sucking up but I still liked it.

In one of the girls' letters about herself, in the section where they had to write about a hobby she wrote,
"I love reading because every time you turn the page a new world awaits you."

While I was teaching a grade six girl division, she said "who invented math anyways? Frankenstein?"

One of my grade sevens wrote this journal entry in his journal in response to the prompt, "What would it be like if animals could talk? What kind of questions would you ask them?":
"If animals could talk that would be awesome. I would ask them What is your favourite food? Why are you so crazy? Do you know your birthday?"

I e-mailed my students' parents to introduce myself and tell them how their kid is doing in my class so far and what we're learning about, etc, and I got so many nice responses like, "She is really enjoying the class (and you as a teacher) and has commented on the class's high interest, variety, and effective structure!" 

The vice principal asked me one day if I was having fun and when I said yes he said, "It's a pretty awesome career. Been about 15 years for me. It's a total blast!"

So...the first month is going well. Yay!

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