Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fall Movies 2012

So this never really works. When I lived in the city it didn't work because movies I want to see never come out there. Now it works even worse because the movie theatre that doesn't get the movies I want to see is an hour away.

but anyways,
update. In April I said I wanted to see all these movies.
I saw Moonrise Kingdom but not until July, even though it came out in May everywhere else.
I saw Brave and didn't like it.
I saw Dark Knight Rises on my birthday and it was awesome.
I could have seen Spiderman but decided not to after hearing it wasn't that good from a lot of people.
and I never saw Now Is Good, Safety Not Guaranteed, or Seeking a Friend for the End of the World because they didn't come to a theatre near me. (I still want to see them.) Also my sister-in-law and I really wanted to see this movie but it hasn't come out yet here either.

Now here are some movies I want to see this fall...we'll see how it works out.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower - Sept 14
     based on the book by Stephen Chbosky and he also wrote the screenplay and directed. A basic coming-of-age highschool story about a guy and his friends and the stuff that happens to them.
    (still not out here even though the release date is passed. Also I just re-read this. I read it aloud to Stephen who hadn't read it before so now I am excited for the film. Also, Emma Watson and Paul Rudd are in it.)
Looper - Sept 28
   Bruce Willis is Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the future and he travels back in time to assassinate his younger self.
Pitch Perfect - Oct 5
     Adam from Workaholics and the girl from 50/50 compete in college a capella glee clubs. Like Step Up but with singing. and probably funnier.
Argo - Oct 12
     Ben Affleck stars and directs. In the 70s some Americans are trapped as hostages in Iran so a group of people pretend to be making a movie and go to Iran to "film on location" and rescue the hostages.
Breaking Dawn Pt. 2 - Nov 16
     Final Twilight movie. Bella is a vampire now and she and Edward have a half-human half-vampire baby and everyone is mad about it so the good vampires have to fight the bad vampires.
Silver Linings Playbook - Nov 21
     Bradley Cooper has a mental illness and moves in with his parents. Jennifer Lawrence is a widow and also crazy and the two hang out.
The Hobbit - Dec 14
     The first of four movies based on one book. Actually called The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Not too sure which parts of the book this movie will cover. Still excited. It'll be a good Christmas-time movie.

What new movies do YOU want to see?

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Adding to the "Smile File"

Last year when I was student-teaching I made a couple of posts about happy teacher moments or whatever.
I thought I might occasionally do that on here again for narcissistic reasons, mostly. It makes me happy and cheers me up if I'm having a rough day and it's easy for me to find if it's on here. but also maybe it will make you happy? Also my writer-mother always responds the same when I tell her stuff like this (just anecdotes from my life): "You need to write that down!" Here you go, Mom.
*I was going to call this post Kids Say the Darndest Things but then  I added some tthings adults said.

On my first day at this school I was teaching my grade 7 class and the girls went swimming so I just had the boys. They got right to work on their first assignment (writing me a letter about themselves) and I was so impressed. At the end of class I said, "thanks for working so hard today!" and one of the boys said, "thanks for being such a great teacher, today!"
He was probably sucking up but I still liked it.

In one of the girls' letters about herself, in the section where they had to write about a hobby she wrote,
"I love reading because every time you turn the page a new world awaits you."

While I was teaching a grade six girl division, she said "who invented math anyways? Frankenstein?"

One of my grade sevens wrote this journal entry in his journal in response to the prompt, "What would it be like if animals could talk? What kind of questions would you ask them?":
"If animals could talk that would be awesome. I would ask them What is your favourite food? Why are you so crazy? Do you know your birthday?"

I e-mailed my students' parents to introduce myself and tell them how their kid is doing in my class so far and what we're learning about, etc, and I got so many nice responses like, "She is really enjoying the class (and you as a teacher) and has commented on the class's high interest, variety, and effective structure!" 

The vice principal asked me one day if I was having fun and when I said yes he said, "It's a pretty awesome career. Been about 15 years for me. It's a total blast!"

So...the first month is going well. Yay!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Autumn Leaves and Lakes

A few photos from last weekend:

People of all ages were at the Pow Wow on Saturday...

The lake on Saturday evening

autumn colours in the valley

Sunday morning sunrise walk

the blogger taking pictures

Autumn's a-comin...

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Gotta kick at the darkness til it bleeds daylight...

     Last fall when I was student-teaching my good friend told me about her co-operating teacher. Sheena (the woman) had decided to walk to school every day and think about treaties (agreements between aboriginal people and non-aboriginal people made in the 1800s where we live) and blog about them. (here) I started reading her blog and found it pretty inspiring. My own blog has never had strict focus and has always been more a scrapbook of different parts of my life - my teaching, my travels, music, fashion, photography, my art and writing and I enjoyed her different style of blogging.
     At the end of the summer Sheena let my friend and I know that she would be leading a workshop about Treaty No. 4 (the treaty that was signed between the first people and the settlers in the area of Canada we live in) in September, and my friend and I decided to go.
     So on Friday after school I drove to a town about 45 minutes from home and ate supper with 9 other women (including my friend, Sheena, and the other workshop leader, Keitha.) That night we listened to an elder tell us teachings from his life, and visited and got to know one another.
     Yesterday we went to the Parade and the Pow Wow after doing a great role-playing activity to show the development of the relationship between aboriginal and non-aboriginal people in Canada throughout history.
     Last night we sang songs and visited around a campfire, and cooked bannock and s'mores.
     This morning some of us hiked up a hill to watch the sun rise and enjoy the view of the lakes.
     We learned how to bead and talked about our own journeys in life, our own "treaty walks."
     It was an amazing weekend and I learned so much from the leaders, the other women in the group, my friend, and the elders. I had a great time reflecting and learning and I don't think I can say too much yet because I am still trying to get my head around all that happened.
     On Wednesday I am accompanying my students on a field trip to the Treaty 4 grounds to learn about treaties.
     Treaty 4 is supposed to stand as long as the sun shines, rivers flow, and grass grows. It is a contract that all of us live by. There is a saying here: "We are all treaty people." In school we learn about treaties because our curriculum mandates "aboriginal education" but I think sometimes when other cultures are taught on a superficial level or there is a lack of understanding it can lead to more racism and can perpetuate negative beliefs. It is so important for us to learn and understand our own history, to pass it on to future generations, and to finally attempt some healing and reconciliation.
     My friend mentioned how the treaty started out as a good relationship and then turned into an abusive one. It's time for us to heal. 
     While we were at the retreat this weekend, a group of Japanese tourists were staying in the same place as us and joined us for some of our activities. It was so interesting to have them there because we all relied on our translator to understand each other and we kept having to pause while he translated. It made us think of when the treaties were signed....how important language is in a contract and how it can be interpreted different ways.
Two of the monuments I saw on the weekend illustrate that pretty well.

This plaque was on a monument erected by the settlers:
"The Indian Chiefs ceded all their rights, titles, and priveleges to all lands ...forever."
This plaque was on a statue sculpted and erected by aboriginal people:

"They agreed to share this land"
It's amazing how the same words can be interpreted so differently by different groups of people.
      I feel that there is an ongoing battle for equality and reconciliation, like so many other things: gender equality, sexual orientation equality, race equality....we must first acknowledge and apologize for the wrongs that have been done and then start to rebuild.
     On the drive home this afternoon the song "Lovers in a Dangerous Time" (the Barenaked Ladies version) came on my iPod and I thought this line could apply to all the people 'fighting the good fight' or walking the treaty walk.
" When you're lovers in a dangerous time 
sometimes you're made to feel as if your love's a crime.
Nothing worth having comes without some kind of fine. 
Gotta kick at the darkness til it bleeds daylight."

We've got a long way to go but I hope we can all walk together and build a better country, a better community.


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

People on my team

I had a day off yesterday and I wasn't feeling too well so I spent the day on the couch watching Gilmore Girls, reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and making this:

the quote is from here
the people are some of the many I am lucky enough to call family. 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Teacher Fashion Essentials

I think if you find yourself needing certain things for work you might as well have cute ones!
Here are 5 accessories I find myself needing at work, and photos of mine.

5. comfy shoes
I don't sit down often when I teach so wearing comfy shoes is important. I am short so I could wear heels but I tend to only wear short ones on special occasions. I prefer flats. Here are three of my favourite pairs! They are all pretty old (I think I've had the red ones since high school) but I don't care, I love them.

I also have a couple of pairs of boots I like for fall/winter. We'll see how it is when there's snow and I am walking to school, but these are nice and look good with dresses/tights and dress pants.

the one on the left is black and has a removable buckle. The one on the right is dark brown with a bit more of a heel. (and I just got them for $12!)
I am currently lusting after these.(the brown ones).

4. a lunchkit

I eat lunch at school and I like having a cute lunchkit. I got this one at Wal-Mart. It's nice and big and pretty!

3. a water bottle
I've had this SIIG for years and I love it but last week it started leaking out the bottom...it's taken too many falls and beatings in my bag, I guess.
So I just ordered this awesome Keith Haring one:

2. a coffee cup
for coffee and tea. Yum!
I have this awesome bodum travel mug with a coffee maker in it, and you can insert your own photo so you can basically change the design as often as you want. A girl I used to work with got it for me a couple years ago when she also worked in a tea shop.
My old design was this:

my new one is this:

and now it matches my lunchkit!

1. a watch.
Not all of the rooms I teach in have functioning/accurate clocks and I do supervision and sometimes the bells don't work so I really need a watch.
The problem is I don't like wearing watches or bracelets or things on my wrists so I ordered this adorable pocket watch necklace off Etsy and I love it! I think it was $8 including shipping.

I love it! It's so pretty!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Friendship is the best thing EVER!

Two of this guy's friends wanted us to do another cover together (we did this one before.)
so... we did a joke cover of this song... in one take. We played it once and recorded it and it was pretty awful but it makes me happy.