Friday, August 10, 2012

Osheaga Day 2 - Saturday

Day 2 of Osheaga was very hot and uncomfortable and there weren't a lot of acts I was very excited for. 
I actually took this photo Friday night but I don't have a lot of photos for this post.

     We grabbed a shady spot to park it for the afternoon behind some beer tent or something so we could only see one of the main stages but we could see a screen to see the other acts. The first band we saw was The Dø which I had never heard of before and they were weird but pretty okay.  
     Next was Kathleen Edwards who we'd all seen before but she put on a good show. The only photos I have of her are of the screen because she was on the stage we didn't have a good view of. Believe me, sitting in the shade was more important to our survival than being able to see the other stage. 
After Kathleen Edwards was Portugal. The Man. 

, then Calexico, then Plants and Animals (above.) I had never seen Portugal. the Man before but I only know a few of their songs. I had seen Calexico and Plants and Animals before so I wasn't that pumped for their sets, they were pretty okay. 
     We took a break and then saw A$AP Rocky which I did not like. (It was basically just loud airhorns, Wussup? and Fucker over and over again but two of my friends wanted to see them and there was nothing else on I cared about.)

     Then we saw Garbage who were really good. My camera batteries died during their set and I had left the others at the hotel, so this was my last photo of the day. One really cute thing that happened was when the singer tried to speak in French (she was pretty bad at it but I'm not one to talk) and asked the security man ("Monsieur Securité") to pass her "une lettre por moi" a fan letter that someone in the front was holding out to her, and then she thanked the girl and the security guy and then tried to say en francais "this song is for you" but she screwed it up I think but it was really cute. 
     After Garbage was Feist who is different every time I see her so I enjoyed that. Snoop Dogg...excuse me, Snoop Lion... came on late so we left before he even started and went to see The Jesus and Mary Chain. Then on our way out, we had to pass the main stages again so we saw Snoop Lion for a bit. He was playing Gin and Juice, which my friend was happy about because I guess that was the one Snoop song he wanted to hear, but it was really hard to hear Snoop Lion. He was really mumbly and the samples and backing tracks were really loud. 

And that was Saturday! It was hot and long and pretty uneventful, but overall still a pretty good day. 

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