Thursday, July 5, 2012

the boredom and the freedom and the time spent alone

I haven't posted in a while and today I woke up feeling the pressure but I have no creative ideas so here is what I have been up to lately in case you were curious:

-having friends and family out three nights in a row on the weekend.
Stephen's band and sister came out Saturday night and we cooked supper and the girls played Scrabble while the boys played music.
We had some friends out on Canada Day for dinner and we all played some music together while enjoying the crazy-long storm.
Then on Monday both sets of parents came out for an afternoon visit and BBQ.

- On Tuesday I bought some new gardening tools and did yard work.
 I am very happy that my flower garden is doing so well and even better - the peas and cucumbers I planted are growing!

-Yesterday my friend and I (this person) took a little day trip to Moose Jaw, SK to wander around aimlessly looking at shops, eat lunch at a Chinese buffet, and float around in the spa all afternoon contemplating flags before purchasing disappointing ice cream and driving home. It was a perfect mid-week vacation day.

- I found out I won a giveaway from this amazing blog and won a gift card to this cool store. So that was exciting!

My summer is slowly filling up with little things here and there - birthday parties, get-togethers with different groups of friends, etc. Nothing really big until the end of the month and then a bit in August so I am just spending my time reading (currently reading Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami), gardening, and...don't laugh...playing Sims 2. I really like it haha. I hope you are all having fantastic summers so far!

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