Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sasquatch! 2012 Day 4 - Monday

     Just like last year, Monday this year seemed to be the day that we didn't care much what we saw so we parked it in front of the main stage, found a nice spot on the hill and opened our umbrella to get some shade.

     The first band we saw was Grouplove. I had never heard of them but when I was driving from Seattle to The Gorge I kept hearing this song on the radio, so we decided to check them out. They are from California. They were fun. They danced around the stage a lot and dressed like hippies. 

    Next we saw Gary Clark Jr., a jazz/blues guitarist I had never heard of but Stephen knew of. He was really good. I napped a bit during his set.

We saw Clap Your Hands Say Yeah.    

     Then we saw The Joy Formidable for a couple songs.

     We left to go see Fun., which neither of us cared about but we figured we should see. They were better live than on their album because there was no auto-tune and their songs are pretty catchy and work well at an outdoor concert, but just sound like everything else when on the radio. The guy was wearing his own band's shirt, which I found funny.

     Next we saw Feist. Stephen left for a bit to check out Shabazz Palaces, then came back. We have seen Feist before but she is different every time. She always plays different arrangements of her songs and has different people playing with her. This time she had Colin Stetson (from Broken Social Scene) playing guitar with her, and three girl singers backing her up. She was great. I danced and sang along. 

     We took a break for supper and got ready to see Spiritualized at 8, but Deer Tick started playing instead. Mogwai couldn't make it to the festival, so Spiritualized took their later time slot and Deer Tick was playing a covers set. We left Deer Tick and went and saw Tenacious D, who were super entertaining. They had this giant "phoenix" on stage behind them. They made their roadies take off their robes at the beginning of the set and pour water into their mouths. They played a song with Sasquatch, they had a giant alien come out, their guitarist got possessed by the devil to sing the song from their movie. It was really funny and good. We left a bit early to go see Spiritualized...

...which was amazing! So beautiful and moving. I really liked it. They didn't talk once, just played continuous music. They didn't banter or even introduce themselves or explain why they weren't Mogwai. It was interesting. All about the music. 

     We stayed at Spiritualized until 10:35 (they were supposed to finish at 10:30) then left to catch Beck (who started at 10). I was very cold and tired but I still enjoyed the show (even though I fell asleep on the ground for a bit in the middle) and it felt a lot more finale-esque than Wilco did last year because there were more people and at the end, Tenacious D and Sasquatch and Beck's kid and probably some other random people came out and played a few songs all together, which was great. 

And that was Sasquatch.

The next day we had extra time to kill in Seattle so we went for seafood and I ate this:

and Stephen ate this:

and we looked at this:

and we went to Pike Place and bought some CDs and books. And that was the trip (then we travelled on planes and in airports for about 7 hours...then we were home.) 

     Overall, it was a great trip and an excellent grad present but I can't imagine going back again. We thought last year would be the only time we'd ever go and this year the lineup made us go back but there isn't anyone I can think of who would make me want to go again and this year the trip was so different with flying and renting cars instead of driving...it was just a lot more hectic and stressful. It was fun and amazing and cool and special, but it probably won't happen again. And that's okay.

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