Monday, June 4, 2012

Sasquatch! 2012 Day 3 - Sunday

     On Sunday the first act we saw was Beardyman, which was very entertaining. I had never heard of him before but Stephen showed me some of his videos before we left. He is a beatboxer and freestyle rapper. He would record a beatbox, then manipulate it live and rap over it. He was really funny and talented, and he was playing in a tent which was great because Sunday was super hot and sunny, so we got a bit of a break from the heat.

     Then we saw Blind Pilot on the main stage, which was good but I didn't get any pics. Then we saw Hey Rosetta!, and I got this one crappy pic. Both of the shows were pretty good but I didn't care too much about either of them. They were both nice, relaxing outdoor concerts. 

     After Hey Rosetta! we saw M. Ward, which was actually kind of disappointing. I really like his music but his live show was kind of boring. I couldn't really hear the instruments that well, and there wasn't really any energy. It was cool hearing some of my favourite songs of his live, though.

     After M. Ward, we watched Wild Flag while eating supper, but I didn't take any photos. Then we saw Beirut on the main stage, and they were really good.

     The drummer had the cutest expression on his face and whenever he was on the screen everybody cheered. Look at that face!

     Beirut was really impressive and the instruments had great balance. At one point the amp for the accordian stopped working and the accordianist just went and sat at the piano and started playing the part so they could still do the song. It was cool.

     The last thing on Sunday was Bon Iver, which was awesome. The lights were a bit crazy and my camera didn't know how to deal. This is a photo of the screen. 

     And here is another one. This is him playing Skinny Love. It was a great set, with lots of stuff off both albums, and Justin was really cute and humble. He kept talking about how amazing it was to be there and how grateful he felt. For their encore they played The Wolves (Act I and II) and had the audience sing along to "What might have been lost", it was cool. Overall, one of the best shows of the festival.

And that was Day 3!

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