Friday, June 1, 2012

Sasquatch! 2012 Day 2 - Saturday

     Stephen arrived on Saturday! I waited for him to get there before heading down to the festival. The first band we saw was Kurt Vile, which was good.
     Next we headed to the main stage to see Childish Gambino. I am not a big fan of his music, but I watch Community so I wanted to see him. It was entertaining. His facial expressions are really funny. 

     We went and stood for Metric and the Shins. We were exhausted after standing for so long, but it was worth it. Metric was awesome. I have wanted to see them live for years, and it was a great experience. Emily Haines is so awesome, and such a babe. They played some songs off the new album which isn't out yet, but they also played lots of old songs. 

     The cool part of seeing bands live for me is hearing the stories behind the songs and the banter, and also hearing different arrangements of the songs. The last song Metric did was Help, I'm Alive but unlike on the album where it's just a sweet rock song, they did it with just Jimmy on acoustic guitar and Emily singing. It was great. 
      The Shins were next and it was so amazing seeing them. It was one of those moments where I just had to keep reminding myself it was happening. I turned around after the first few songs and said to Stephen, "That's James Mercer." and Stephen said, "Yeah, and he just played three songs just for you."
     After one song, James said, "Thanks for singing along, guys. You are all now officially members of The Shins!" and another band member said, "It's that easy." 

    We had a really great spot, very centered, and only two people away from the fence (not in the pit, but close). The only bad part was that people behind us were dancing crazily and moshing into us and stuff, so Stephen kind of created a barrier between them and me so I could still enjoy the show. Oh well, can't let other people ruin things for you.
James and I.

   Here's a video I took of New Slang. It was a great experience and I can't wait to see them again in a couple months!

We went and saw St. Vincent but we were sitting because we were so tired and I didn't take any photos. 

Then we saw Jack White on the main stage. We sat on the hill.

 We saw The Roots which was really good, and also really late. They didn't play a single song off their new album, but played lots of old stuff and some covers of Beastie Boys and Guns N' Roses and stuff. And they just played off each other so well, it was very entertaining and a great show. 

     This was the best day of the festival for me. I told Stephen if I had to Groundhog Day a day in my life, this would've been a pretty good one.

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