Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My Convocation Story

      Last Thursday, I drove into the city to attend my friend's convocation ceremony. This was technically my convocation as well. I would have received my BA in English, but I went as a guest and not a graduate. I cheered loudly as two of my best friends crossed the stage to get their degrees. Afterwards I hugged them and got photos taken, then went to my boyfriend's family's house for pizza to celebrate with his sister (one of the friends who convocated that day.) This was the start to an amazing weekend.
     That night, my sister and her boyfriend arrived into town for my convocation the next day. I would be receiving my B.Ed, after five years of hard work. The ceremony was pretty boring but it was nice to see all my classmates I hadn't seen for a month or so, and it was very exciting to see all my friends walk across the stage. A lot of my family and friends came to see me, which was awesome.
     After, we went to my boyfriend's family's house for a big BBQ with all our family, and then later a bunch of our friends came over for a party. It was a great night filled with lots of love and laughter.

My cards from everyone and flowers from a neighbour and family friend.


My sister and her boyfriend got me this stuffed toy because we had an inside joke about a platypus and this looks like a platypus, but the funny thing is that when I worked at the bookstore, we sold these and I always thought they were so cute and a few months ago Stephen finally bought me one (the blue one) so now I have two!

My sister also gave me this candle holder. A tealight fits under the lid. 

This is the quotation on it.

My parents had this necklace made for me. The words "Dream" and "2012" are painted on a grain of rice.

     My brother and sister-in-law got me this globe. The story I told in this post relates to this. When I graduated they got me my light-up globe, and now for my convocation they got me this. It is solar-powered and spins slowly on its pedestal. 

It is also engraved with this.

     The best part of the story happened yesterday. On Monday I got a call to set up a job interview. Yesterday I met with the principal of the school in the morning, and had my interview at 4:00. Then last night while my family was out celebrating my dad's birthday I got the phone call and I got the job! It is in my town so I will be able to walk to work. I will be teaching in my subject areas and it is just perfect and I am so happy and excited. And nervous. But mostly happy and overwhelmed. And that was the end to a great weekend!

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