Thursday, June 14, 2012

House and Garden Things

My friend's mom gave me a gift card to Ten Thousand Villages for my convocation.
We bought this sculpture for the house. It is the Tree of Life, made in Haiti out of an oil drum.

Buddha sits on the microwave.

Our friend drew this for us. It's on the fridge.

I got this from my grandma when she moved out of her condo.
"Days overflowing with sweetness and song, Years filled with memories golden and strong."
It was above her stove so that explains the grease splatters.

some new records - including Beach House's Bloom.

just re-potted this plant from our friend.

And speaking of plants....
Some things I didn't plant are starting to grow.

Daisies by the side of the house.

And what I hope are lilies by the deck.

And some things I did plant are going to grow, too, I hope, and not die!
I planted this orange dahlia...

and a rosebush that promises bright pink flowers.

And I put some petunias in a flower box at the front of the house.

I am going to be planting some more flowers and a vegetable garden soon. My hope is that I am on my way to this.

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