Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sasquatch! 2012 Day 1 - Friday

     I flew out by myself on Thursday, through Calgary. Stephen didn't come out until Saturday morning.
     My flight from Calgary to Seattle was very nice because it was over the mountains.
     On Thursday night I met my friends from home who brought our camping stuff (they drove to Washington) and spent the rest of Thursday night and Friday morning/afternoon trying to relax and realize I was on vacation. It felt weird not having Stephen there and I got sunburnt on my face, back, and the backs of my legs. Other than that nothing much happened.

     The first band I saw on Friday was Yellow Ostrich, a band my friend really likes. They were on the Bigfoot Stage and they were pretty good.

     Then we saw Of Monsters and Men on the main stage. I had downloaded their album and listened to it, and I wasn't that into it but it was cool to see them live. The girl singer was really cute and humble, which I always like in musicians. When they played their single, she was like, "Wow. that was such a surreal moment. You guys were singing our song..." It was funny.

     Next was Santigold, which I stood up front for so I could dance. She put on a great show. She played a good mix of stuff from her old album and her new album, she had a crazy costume and so did her dancers, every song had choreography, her band members had crazy costumes and plastic wigs.

     During her costume change her dancers danced to a song and a 2-person horse costume danced across the stage, and then Santi and her dancers were in different costumes for the rest of the set. It was pretty cool. I am excited to see her again in August. 

     Girl Talk was next, also on the main stage. He had a crazy light show to get everyone pumped up before he came out. Then he basically just had a huge dance party on stage the entire time he played. The dancers must have been exhausted because they danced non-stop for the entire set. It was kind of weird seeing him live, not like seeing an instrumentalist or something, because he had prepared everything before coming out, he wasn't mixing it live or anything (I don't think) and none of the music was really "his", he was just mashing it together, which is impressive on an album but not really live. However, it was super entertaining and a total spectacle...

complete with fireworks at the end.

Then we saw Explosions in the Sky over on the Bigfoot Stage and that was it for Friday.

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