Friday, May 11, 2012

New Globe Tattoo (and Explanation of my Tattoos)

I got my new tattoo last night!
It's on my left shoulder and it's a globe.
ink globe world tattoo

It was really bloody and raw so didn't photograph too well, but I am really happy with how it turned out. It may need a bit of touching up in a few weeks when it heals but I love it!

flaming lips back shoulder tattoo left right
Here is a pic of my back where you can see both my tattoos. The green lines are just marker so that he could line them up.
An Explanation of my tattoos and their meaning to me after the jump.

I have wanted a tattoo for a long time. I wanted to get one when I graduated high school but I didn't know what I wanted and I thought I'd regret it, so I decided to wait until I convocated from university. I did a five-year program instead of the standard four-year, so I took an extra year, and last summer I didn't want to wait any more so I got my first tattoo as a birthday present to myself, last August. You can read a bit about it and see it closer up here.

My first tattoo was designed by my boyfriend, so I would have his writing on me. It says "Love is the place you are drawn to" and is in the shape of a heart. It's based on a flaming lips lyrics but it's not really about music for me, it's about my friends and family and I just really like the idea that love is a place and you can carry it with you (metaphorically in you heart, or literally on your skin). It reminds me of everyone I love and makes me feel like I am never far apart from them no matter how separated we are by distance or whatever else.

This new tattoo is also a symbol. It was a grad present to myself, and it's a symbol of my education. I have worked really hard in school for almost 20 years and it has been a major part of my life. I knew I still wanted to get a tattoo when I convocated because this is the only time I can get a tattoo to commemorate that, and I knew if I didn't I'd regret it.
I really like travel tattoos and map tattoos but I think the ones that look the coolest are ones like this where it is just a black outline of a country, and I really wanted something with some colour. The globe is a perfect symbol because people usually think of school when they think of globes, it is a symbol of learning about the world while staying in one place (because I chose to go to university in my hometown instead of moving away), and it is also a symbol of travel, which is something that educates and I also think that having an education allows one a lot of freedom to do things like travel.

All of these factors combined to help me decide on this tatoo, and once I had I remembered something that 'sealed the deal'.

When I was 17, just before I graduated high school, my parents and I were looking for a smaller house (because I stayed at home to go to university I was able to live with my parents). One of the houses we were looking at had a light-up globe which I thought was amazing. It was also the house I really wanted, and it was the house we ended up getting, and I lived in it for five years (up until a couple weeks ago). But when I graduated, my brother and sister-in-law bought me a grad present - my very own light up globe.

light up globe white

And in the card they wrote something like "The world is yours for the taking" or "the world is your oyster" or something.
So I got a globe when I graduated high school, and now I got a globe when I finished university.
I like little things like that. they seem significant to me when pieced together, like life is a novel or something.

So that's the story of my two tattoos, for all the people who said "oh, you're addicted now!" because I got two so close together (in time, not on my body..though, that too I guess).

I feel as though the two halves of myself, the two things I most value and have most spent my life on - love, connections to people, family, friends, relationships - and my education, growing as a person, bettering myself through learning and travelling - are now commemorated on my back.

And I don't plan on getting another tattoo for a while.

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  1. For me, your tattoo will be a symbol that you not only committed yourself to an education, but you will forever be spreading your knowledge and goodness to others - no matter where they are in the world. I'm very proud of you and all your accomplishments. Here's to giving that old world a spin with a 'Dani twist' on it!

    - Your Mom