Saturday, April 14, 2012

New Used Books! [BEDA 14]

The orchestra in my town runs a used book and music sale every spring for a fundraiser and it's always my favourite and I love it so much!
We went yesterday and here are my finds:

I am taking up gardening now that I'm moving out, and I wanted something that was basically 'Gardening for Dummies' but not so condescending. This is perfect!

Awesome resource for an English teacher.

I thought this book was sweet.

It's a bunch of tear-off cards with images and poems on them...

And on the back is an explanation of the type of poem. Pretty neat.

This was the only novel I bought, it seems like it'll be good. It's about two families living in one house and crazy stuff happens. I like books with lots of characters, big families, and chaos, so I bought it.

And this was my find of the day. Drew Hayden Taylor is an aboriginal Canadian playwright, and I taught his play Only Drunks and Children Tell the Truth in my internship. Someday is the prequel to that play. And the best part is....

It's signed! I felt really upset - like I was stealing another person's treasure - until Stephen reminded me the person had donated it.
"To Kathleen, Though we've never met, I'll always treasure the memories. Drew Hayden Taylor."
I got all of these for $7.50!
I am a happy bookworm this weekend!

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