Sunday, April 29, 2012

Looking Back on April 2012 [BEDA 29]

At the beginning of the month I said, "this month is going to be a crazy one for me. I am going to finish my undergraduate degrees, I am going to become a teacher, I am going to move at the end of the month, hopefully, I am planning on getting a new tattoo to commemorate my formal education....and at the end of the month I expect to be a different person in a different place"

Well, I finished my degrees. I did all my assignments and presentations and wrote all my finals, and I finished.
I am waiting for one more grade to come in before I am a certified teacher. I moved yesterday, a bit more today, and will finish up tomorrow. So..that happened.
I am getting my second tattoo on May 10th, so you'll see that then. My first was for my friends and family, my second is for my education.

I am definitely a different person in a different place.

Tomorrow I think I will post the last 4 photos for Photo a Day, and I was thinking of making a collage of all of them. So this is my last text blog of the month.

I can't believe how fast it went. It went so slowly at times, as everything does while it's happening, but looking back it went so fast.

It feels so strange to be where I have finished school, to have moved out. None of it feels real yet but it's all still very new.

I guess I'm growing up, and I have to learn what that means for me.

I am very scared and excited!

I hope you keep joining me on my journey.

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