Sunday, April 1, 2012

I Finally Made It! (Almost) [BEDA 1]

It's April! It's finally here!
This is the month I thought would never come. Despite it always having come in the past, I did not truly believe it would come this year.
This has always been the destination, I feel.
Back in December when I made my U.F.O post and quoted Coldplay in saying I felt I had "still got such a long way to go" it was to make it to here. And I've almost made it. So close.

I have decided to participate in BEDA (Blog Every Day in April). In the past I have avoided blogging every day in (insert month here) trends because I don't like forcing myself to create things. I usually like to spend time on blog posts and put thought into them and make things I am proud of or things that I really like in the hopes that other people will like them or think about what I've said etc etc.

But this month is going to be a crazy one for me. I am going to finish my undergraduate degrees, I am going to become a teacher, I am going to move at the end of the month, hopefully, I am planning on getting a new tattoo to commemorate my formal education....and at the end of the month I expect to be a different person in a different place.

So I am going to blog every day because I think this will be a time in my life I want to look back on.

When I was young I journaled a lot, and kept notebooks full of diary entries, poetry, doodles, and whatnot. I quit that as I got older because my day-to-day life wasn't really interesting enough to write about, but I didn't lose the habit entirely. I keep travel journals whenever I go on trips. Most notably, I wrote every day I was in Croatia, I wrote every day of our Sasquatch trip last year.

So I am going to treat this month like a trip. It is a journey, really. A journey across the finish line... a journey out of my home and into my new home. A lot is going to happen, and while I am obviously not planning on writing highly personal things on the internet, I want to use this outlet as a sort of scrapbook of this time.

I know not too many people read my blog and those who do don't read it every day, so I hope nobody gets overwhelmed when they check up again and see how much they've missed. I don't think the posts will be too lengthy most of the time. I mean...I have to come up with thirty, and in March I think I only made 3 so....

Anyways, welcome to BEDA! I hope you enjoy coming with me on my April journeys.


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  1. I am excited! For you and for the blogs! :)