Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hayley's Poem Prompt [BEDA 25]

This girl posted a poem on her blog, following a prompt she got from a creative writing class. I decided to write one.I italicized the parts of the prompt I used so you can try to pick them out.

In your poem, include at least fourteen of the following items: a statistic, a dish eaten cold, three forms of heat, a smell you can't forget, a line from a movie, something out of a textbook, two things you wish you had said, a reference to an aunt or uncle, some kind of moving vehicle, two words beginning with R and ending with "-ion", a stage direction, two distinct hours of the day, an historical figure, an adhesive, an animal only seen up close in the zoo, a slang expression ("call it quits," for example), something really bad that you did, something that undermines or negates everything else you've said.

The time of my life should have ended five years ago,
or maybe just last week
depending who you ask.
The days of sticking paper together with elmer's glue are far behind me
and the days of sticking people together and hoping they stick should be.
I remember carving my name into the coffee table in the basement,
thinking myself some revolutionary Michelangelo.
Now I must carve my name into the world
and I don't know how to.

100% of people don't know what they are doing here.
Yet I still felt, when they asked me what I wanted to be,
I should have said something.
I should have lied, or told the truth.

And when I decided to decide my auntie told me
“Don't follow in my footsteps.”
I should have said “I won't.
[I will be better.]”

At 10:30 last Thursday I was pushed off a moving train.
No. I jumped off, screaming “Mrs. Robinson, are you trying to seduce me?”
and laughing like a maniac.

Revenge is best served cold but I seek none
and my refusal to heat up pizza proves I haven't grown up.

There are so many things to be afraid of.
I recognize the smell of your house but soon it will be my house too
and my scent will conform
and I won't recognize it anymore.
What else will I stop noticing?

They'll tell me I am one in a million
but I'm one in seven billion
and lots of people do what I have done.

They will stare at me like a tiger (tyger burning bright)
at 2pm on that fateful day when I walk across the plank
and exit stage right.

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