Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Graduate [BEDA 19]

I finished school today! I wrote my last exam, and now I am DONE! Convocation is not until June, but I don't actually have to do any more reading or writing or studying or attend any more classes. I am done.

It hasn't really hit me yet, but everybody keeps being really nice to me. My sister left me a nice phone message and put something on her facebook, my family all told me how proud they are of me, and my dad (who never posts on facebook) even made a post about it.

So that is sweet.

In a post-grad crisis moment I spontaneously bought a kobo e-reader today.
(I had been planning on buying one and just decided to buy it when I went to the store to test it out, instead of waiting a couple weeks and then getting it.) So...that happened.

Not much else to say. Photo Friday tomorrow. I'll be back Saturday.

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