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Divergent by Veronica Roth Book Review [BEDA 24]

Divergent by Veronica Roth came out in May, 2011, but I just read it this week.
I got the book back in December because I had gift cards to Coles from Christmas and they had a promotion that was buy 3, get one free. My friend who works at the store recommended the book to me and I picked it as my free book.

It is a YA dystopian novel and I had kind of had enough of those for a while. Plus this semester I clearly didn't get a lot of reading done, as you can tell from my books page. But I had been hearing a lot of good things about the book so I picked it up this week and devoured it.

Brief synopsis/explanation of the world:
The book is set in Chicago in the future, but there are fences all around the city and everything is a wasteland. The people live in five factions, each devoted to a certain virtue. (think Hogwarts houses.) Abnegation - for the selfless, Candor - for the honest, Amity - for the peaceful, Erudite - for the intelligent, and Dauntless - for the brave. The people are raised in these factions and the factions determine how one dresses, acts, what values one holds - basically it's your culture. But when you turn 16, you go through this test and get to choose what faction you want to be a part of and then you go through initiation with that faction.
Beatrice, the main character, is Divergent - which means she doesn't fully belong to any faction. Divergence is a super dangerous thing she has to keep secret and she doesn't know why. She chooses Dauntless (obviously) and changes her name to Tris.
Those weren't spoilers because they happen right at the beginning.

Now, it turns out that the government isn't actually perfect and some bad stuff starts happening...typical of the genre.

The book was quite predictable but it didn't bother me because that's kind of what I expect of the genre by now. I thought the characters were well-developed, the plot was interesting, and the world was nicely developed, something I think some books in this genre lack (*cough*Hunger Games*cough*).

The nice thing about reading it so late is that apparently the second book in the trilogy, Insurgent, is coming out May 1...which is exactly one week from today! So I barely have to wait any time at all to find out what happens next.

I found the book gripping and probably would have finished it in a day if I hadn't had too much other stuff to do this week. I would recommend it to anybody interested in the genre. If I still worked at the book store it would totally be one I pulled out saying "if your kid loves The Hunger Games, buy this!" So yeah, if you liked THG, you'll like Divergent.

Another cool and weird thing about the book is that the author is only 22. So that's sweet. She is 22 and a bestselling author of 2 books (as of next week...just predicting) and I am 22 and....umm...blogging about her. Nice.

Click on the book to buy it......or click on the new book to pre-order it.

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