Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Closing Time [BEDA 10]

People don't go to school to make friends but friends are what make school fun.

In my last two years of university, a lot of my classes have been with the same 20ish people, because we are all in the same program and interned at the same time. Now, there are good things and bad things about seeing the same 20-some people every day. There is a sense of familiarity - of knowing what someone will say, how people will react if you say something, and of knowing people well even if you don't like them. Of course that can also be a bad or annoying thing.
After spending every day last winter with the same people, away from the University, and not seeing other people very often, I was definitely ready for a break from my classmates. We all went our own ways for the summer and internship and came back together this winter.

And today was our last class together.

We are all going off to start our careers, start our lives, go our own ways. And although we've been doing that all along, it felt like we were somehow doing it together. And now it's over.

Some of us went out for drinks after our class and had a great time visiting.
One of my friends said "We should have spent more time together."
Somebody responded by saying how busy they'd been throughout university with school, work, and trying to make time for a boyfriend and family, never mind classmates.
and while that's all true for all of us, what my other friend said is also true.
We should have spent more time together.

Our professor gave a mini speech to our class about how we were all going off "to change the world, or maintain the world, or maybe sustain the world" and she left without a great big goodbye.
Later, she came by to see those of us who were visiting and said "I can't do 'Last Days.' I like to pretend everything will keep going on...and it will."

As cheesy as it is, I thought of the line "Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end"
On my way home, I listened to the song and found myself applying a few of the lyrics to the situation.
"Closing time. Time for you to go out. Go out into the world"

Even though I know none of us had time for it, we all had our own lives, jobs, friends, and priorities, I still find myself thinking we should have spent more time together. But that's ok. It feels like it's too late but it isn't really.

"Gather up your jackets, move it to the exits. I hope you have found a friend.
Closing time. Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end."

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